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What do you meme?


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Hi friends; the creation of this thread was discussed and we came to the conclusion that because memes have always existed in the Randomness thread and continue to be posted there and now additionally here as well, there's no need to have a separate thread for them. 


The Randomness thread was created as a catch-all thread to corral such posts to have a centralized thread of silliness to make things easier on moderation staff. It has always been a place where anyone can feel free to make whatever random off topic posts they like, so long as it's within the rules. Occasionally, topics being broken out from Randomness are allowed because they are of a certain consistent topic that benefits from having a dedicated place for reference, for a very specific discussion and/or so that things can follow a consistent thread - the daily question threads, for instance. As memes are just funny pictures and don't follow a common theme, they belong in the Randomness thread.


As such, I am locking this thread. Please continue posting memes, jokes, comics, musings, etc. in the Randomness thread where no one should feel discouraged from posting any random content that has always been welcome in the Randomness thread.

Thank you. 🖤

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