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Beasts of the Woods, 44152 Beastmen, 77254 Beastman Champion, and BattleMasters Beastmen

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Since part of my Halloween Army goes off the idea that Montage Summers wasn't completely wrong, I painted up a force of "Black Goats of the Woods" for the Infernalist Witches to frolic with at their Sabbats. 


The newer Beastmen 4 pack from Reaper.


An older Bones Beastman Champion...



Some repainted BattleMasters Beastmen that came out surprisingly well...



And here they are in thier debased rites along with a couple other Bones Beastmen and a Wolf Demon...


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9 hours ago, Grand Slam said:

I really like what you've done with the leather bits the eyes and musculature came out nicely, too. I've got a feeling that the pictures don't do these guys justice compared to how they look in real life.


Thanks, without the flash from the camera, they register as being a bit darker in person. These and the ghouls are probably to best flesh blends I've achieved so far. 

1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

I love these, how simple figures like the Battlemaster's minis can still be painted to a high standard.

Love the fur colours!

I think a lot of people fall into the trap of new=better, but a well designed sculpt is still a well designed sculpt regardless of what decade it was made. What impressed me while working on these was how easily the Reaper Beastmen, despite towering over the BattleMasters ones, fit in with them. A lot of that was the consistancy of the colors used, but also the fact they weren't overly covered in details. 

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