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Ragnarok 4 Field of Battle


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“Inspired by the need for casualty/field marker miniatures, particularly for Saga wargames, we have diverted a wee bit and thrown our energies into this 'Field of Battle' set.”


Dark age casualties/fatigue markers

We have, 16 dead or dying dark age miniatures.




Next up is a set of 16 raven/crow fatigue markers/scenic scatter.



Viking Helmet fatigue markers

A set of 12 Dark age helmets including, Vendel, Coppergate, Gjermundbu, Olmutz, and Wenceslas types.





It seems to be a great deal. Only £39 shipped to the USA. It’s supposed to be their 4th KS, though it is only the second one listed on the creator’s account. (Upon looking further, it seems his daughter was technically the one running the other two campaigns, freeing him up to just work on the sculpting.)

Anybody dealt with this creator before?

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Mine arrived today, just over 9 weeks from the end of the campaign. 

Only critique is the heavy tilt toward spears as the random weapons, but that’s part of the deal when it’s a random assortment of weapons. They’ll actually be useful for weapon swaps on other mini’s, so I’m not displeased about it. 

Very pleased with this creator.




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