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Top 5 Kickstarter STL Creators of 2022


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If you had told me a couple of years ago that 3D Printed miniatures would be as huge as they are today… I might not have believed you. But now, in 2022, 3D printing is a quickly growing market in the world of miniatures. With constantly lowering barriers to entry, even beginners can print models from a 3D library and access figures they may not have been able to afford before.  Kickstarter is still a very large platform for the everyday creator and consumer to find and sell miniatures. Over $1,000,000 (million) worth of STLs will find their way into the general consumer's hands and onto their 3D printers. 


Well let’s grab our donuts and fire up the cruisers, because today we will be looking at the top 5 companies on kickstarter that create and sell STL files. This data will not include numbers on other platforms and only sales completed within the 2022 year on the initial campaigns. 


#5 Rising Miniatures


3 Projects

  1. Asgard Rising The Riddle Of Steel
    1. 1572 Backers
    2. $8,904
  2. Asgard Rising: Chieftains 54mm
    1. 341 Backers
    2. $3,442
  3. Horder of the Goblin King
    1. 912 Backers
    2. $50,850
  4. Total funding this year
    1. $63,207


Asgard Rising Miniatures has wide support through their releases on Kickstarter, My Mini Factory and Patreon. So far, Asgard Rising has had 6 releases on Kickstarter from their Patreon models. In 2022 they have released 3 completed projects. (List them above)  Hoarder of the Goblin King is the highest grossing project of this year at $50,850 (912 Backers) with the other 2 bringing in less than 20% of the highest grossing project. Asgard Rising Miniatures has grossed ~$63,207 this year on Kickstarter. 


#4 3DBreed Miniatures


2 Projects

  1. Join or Die Wanted
    1. 1154 Backers
    2. $38,053
  2. March To Hell Greeks And Persians
    1. 669
    2. $26,174
  3. Total funding this year
    1. $64,233


Based in Madrid Spain, 3DBreed Miniatures has released 8 projects on Kickstarter. In 2022 they released two projects (listed above) with Join or Die: Wanted grossing the highest earnings at ~$38,053.  So far this year they have grossed an amount of ~$64,233 on Kickstarter alone. 



#3 Rafael Moreno Dominguez

1 Project


  1. 3D Fantasy NPCS
    1. 1012 Backers
    2. $70,395


Total Funding this year




Rafael Moreno Dominguez released 3D Fantasy NPCs as a project on Kickstarter in 2022. This project featured an extensive collection of over 200 NPCs and terrain. This project was the creator’s 3rd on Kickstarter and grossed a total of ~$70,395. 



#2 GreyTide Studio


1 Project

  1. Eternal Pilgrims
    1. 2070 Backers
    2. $77,967


Total funding this year



This was also the first project by a new company GreyTide Studios. By offering over 400 bits in STL format appealed to a large market of wargamers. 

GreyTide Studios launched their 1st ever project on Kickstarter called Eternal Pilgrims. This project was a collection of over 400 different bits that could customize your characters within the world of Warhammer and other wargames. With this release the project gained over 2000 backers and grossed an amazing total of ~$77,967



#1 Mammoth Factory 


1 Project

  1. Mammoth Chronicles: Book 1- Epic Miniatures & Adventures
    1. 1807 Backers
    2. $116,115


Total Funding This Year



Mammoth Factory mainly stayed in the Patreon atmosphere while creating their collection of STL models as well as 5e game content. With a large library of quality material they launched a KS project in an effort to bring their collection into a hardcover book. This campaign also saw the release of 131 miniatures which is one of the highest driving pledges in the project. With a huge gross earnings of $116,115 on their 1st ever project launch The #1 spot goes to Mammoth Factory. 

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