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Ion Age Retained Knights


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Quite awhile ago (sometime in 2019 if I remember correctly) I came across some very interesting miniatures. Finding a whole bag in a bits bin for only a buck the decision practically made itself. Though I had no actual use for them the figures were just that interesting. Thanks to this forum (and it's knowledgeable members) they were even identified as Ion Age miniatures from Alternative Armies. Specifically they are Retained Knights from the Prydian Army. 


Being busy with other things these figures languished for too long. They were primed but never painted so I've finally decided to rectify that. After reaching a stopping point on my Foot Clan proxies last night (I had to stop as I found I had run out of sealer) I still wanted to paint so I grabbed these. This wasn't a spur of the moment decision however as they were my next planned project. 


As with every time I paint 15mm I found myself really enjoying the scale. Maybe its just how small the miniatures are, how easily they paint up, or how forgiving it can be for mistakes but there is just something about 15mm. In a very short time I found I had finished my first miniature. 20221008_220610.thumb.jpg.2b6681413cb5aa820d8bd64a261898a3.jpg20221008_220622.thumb.jpg.40ae3476c9aca2666b07cd45d76b0746.jpg


I also finished a bit of the basecoat on two more.



Knowing that I'd end up basing these sooner or later I decided it would probably be better to do it now. That of course led to a question, "Am I planning to actually play this game?" Looking over an initial buy-in I think it's fair to say I'm probably going to get into this one. Not having the proper size bases for the system however necessitated a trip to the hardware store. So I spent this morning finding the correct sized washers, attaching the figures, and adding their basing grit.


Which of course brings us to tonight. Starting off the session I went ahead and finished the other two knights.



As they painted up so quickly I moved on to the next batch. 


Six knights, not bad for two night's work.



With plenty still waiting for paint I can't wait until tomorrow night.

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Getting back to it tonight I again found myself really having fun. This ended up being a bit of a double edged sword however as I realized I had finished another six figures. 20221010_224055.thumb.jpg.21ea50a70b6ebe7431c4386a680bb139.jpg20221010_224102.thumb.jpg.392ae2aff050af2422a31d5331faed88.jpg

Might be a good idea to slow down a bit and truly enjoy this project. At this pace the project would be finished in just two more sessions. Then again I am planning to buy into this system anyway, and I'd hate for all those extra washers to go to waste.

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Last night I made a little progress but didn't stay at the desk for very long. Six more knights did recieve their white bascoat though before I gave up and left the desk to finish a film instead.20221012_200926.thumb.jpg.81f5957886595835bdf6bd070fea1804.jpg


Tonight was a bit better however as I managed to finish another four figures.20221012_220153.thumb.jpg.95e21820aa05eac776fd00387b39f44b.jpg


The two more ornate figures also recieved their white, red, and brown basecoat. 


These two have a few more accoutrements that should make for some fun painting. 

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Thursday I found a bit of free time in my day and decided to spend it at the desk. I actually ended up finishing the last four knights and planned to return at my usual time to start work on all the bases. That didn't happen though as I seemed to come down with some twenty-four hour bug.


That of course brings us to today, I'm still not one hundred percent but I'm on the mend. With only the bases remaining I had to make a decision. How do I want to base this new army? Typically I just base everything in a simple dirt color with some green flock. This has the benefit of pairing nice with a lot of boards and drop cloths for games. It is also very bland when you're basing spacefaring figures.


Choosing something more colorful can add quite a lot of personality to the figure but it also limits it. A vibrant red Mars style base will stick out on every other color board or cloth. Then again it's the same problem when brown "dirt" style bases appear anywhere other than brown boards or cloths. Its certainly something to think about and I doubt I'll ever have an answer. 


This time I decided to opt for something different yet still in my wheelhouse. I chose to paint the bases using the same red recipe I perfected on my Imperial Guard Conscripts. 


I also went ahead and painted the rims of the bases in the same color. Now they're just awaiting some sealer (which I keep forgetting to order) and a little flock. 

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Like my Foot Clan proxies I actually finished these last night but didn't have the time to take their final pictures. So here is the start of my next army.20221023_141203.thumb.jpg.ca2d939814e70025cbd1213f4a7fd539.jpg20221023_141219.thumb.jpg.68e333f1d60359abf8425cb6cad9d3e0.jpg











I've still got a few projects I'd like to get to first but I'll definitely be adding to this force before the new year.

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41 minutes ago, Corsair said:

In the last two pics, it looks like the guy is holding a clay pigeon thrower, what is that thing?

Honestly I have no idea, if not for the website's pictures I wouldn't have even known how to paint it. I believe it is some sort of weapon but that's just a guess. Unless someone else plays this game it'll remain a mystery until I purchase the rulebook. 

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