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Mine has also arrived, after bouncing around regional sorting centers for a few days.  





Under the bubble wrap were some blistered figures: 




A securely taped mystery crate: 





And inside, this amazingly painted Christmas Eve figure done by  @fanguad:






The details are so tiny and delicate, it must have been painted by christmas elves.  She's beautiful, thank you so much!  Merry Christmas! 






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My package arrived today (or at least I picked it up today.  It may have arrived yesterday).  The mini was well protected and undamaged.  I'm in the middle of things now, but I'll see if I can't come back later and upload a photo.




Here we go. We have some paint, some candy, some metal minis and...




This ferocious young lady to protect them.




She's now off to her place in my exchange collection.  Thank you... someone.

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I found a fun surprise in my mailbox today, from @Gildesa!  It was like Christmas all over again.  She totally went above and beyond.  She sent me three adorable familiars - a rat, a dragon and a cat, and a little shroomie lounging in a cup of hot cocoa, candy, a limited-edition resin mini, and the cutest handwarmers!  So much care and detail went into these beautiful critters.  I feel entirely spoiled.  Thank you so, so much!  I am wearing the handwarmers as I type this.. perfect for my office, which tends to be on the chilly side, especially in frigid Colorado : )






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Never fear, recipient! I am still working on it! You have not been forgotten! I had a pet emergency right before Christmas that caused a lot of upset at our house and now it is very hot here so I can only paint and work on minis at night. (My painting room is upstairs and for some dumb reason, this house has no aircon up there!)  It will be ready and sent before the deadline! So if you are someone who is still waiting, you might belong to me. 

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Received my care package today from @Eben! I received a couple of unique minis (I actually have one of the special Christmas minis, but I didn't get Mrs. Claus so this is perfect to compliment Christmas Eve!) and some great looking terrain tufts to play around with! And of course there are the two excellent pieces hand-painted! I love a good minotaur and this one does not disappoint! Once a protector of his Holstein herd, a malign illness swept over the field and killed almost all of his beautiful girls. Those immediately spared endured bodily transformations which many others did not survive. A few, Hendrick included, were spared after months of torture at which point the transformation was complete. Hendrick and the others now stood on two legs and had strange new forelegs which could grasp and bend in new ways! With the loss of his herd still still hanging heavily over his horns, Hendrick tested his new form to its limits and blood lay spilled in his terrorful wake. Thus began the era of the bovine - no longer would they be satisfied as simple 'cattle!'




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On another note, it's my first year participating in this exchange with you all. It was enjoyable for me as I'm sure it's been for all of you. I just want to note that the generosity of this group exceeded my expectations. I thought what I was getting into was just a painted mini swap, but it's clear it isn't as simple as that. @Gildesa, while I did spend a good deal of time building your piece out, I sheepishly apologize for not sending more. Next year, I'll be better prepared! All the same, I hope you enjoyed the thought I put into your gift.


Thank you @Eben ,(and @SGHawkins09 for allowing me to take part in this party!

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