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I had waaaaay too much brown craft paint/ modgepodge  so I rushed into doing some terrain tiles.

I had some dollar store wood tiles that I sealed with the leftover paint mix, I think about 2.5x5 inches each.

Then I cannibalized an old build ( trollskull manor, because it got squished) and I goued pieces down. Those weren't so nice with door and window cuts but were what I had handy. Then I let stuff dry 24 hours

I beveled and trimmed  the edges like


Here's all 5 tiles


And then I spackled them. I'll leave the tiles overnight, but they'll be dry to paint in an hour or so.

After that fully seal the foam core.

Then drybrush the bank and  do some shadings the river bed.thrn I tape it all up and get ready for my test pour of pouring medium + ink. Shallow pour so it'll dry.


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My first experience with pouring had a number of issues

The tape leaked a bit

The tape snagged a few times, needing me too redo the tape ( oh greatest of frustrations) and causing spills. I will have to flock over one

I had bubbles on the rock tile.

The tiles are still too blue

Originally (top right)3 drops phtalo green(yellow),1 prussian blue with pouring medium. I then added 1 drop of burnt umber.


Here was my first blend


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I guess this will be it until stuff cures a bit more and I can cut off excess,  the meniscus, touch up spots, etc



The lower one is a better depth of pour. I have another that matches that depth thankfully. Worried about a very long cure though. Twice the depth I intended for most.

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