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Bones V: All Hallow's Eve


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You didn't come here to read my ramblings, you came here for the girls!


So, without further ado: All Hallow's Eves!










Now, I'm going to yammer for a bit.


The girls were originally intended to be companion pieces to the Halloween Knights I did earlier this year.  Unfortunately I hit a creative wall while working on them.


The Black and white was originally intended to be a bit less stark.  All the white washes her out.  I was originally going to use more black and grey.  I should have stuck to that.  You can't really see it in the picture, but her "overskirt" employs Sparkling Snow and Sophie Silver for some shininess.  Her washed out flesh is the Vampiric Flesh triad.  The "underskirt" and top are Pure Black with some Midnight Blue for a bit of highlight.


If I had it to do again, her dress would be more grey.  That would help her flesh stand out a bit better, and she would look less like she belonged in Star Wars...


I also need to thin my Pure White.  It's a bit gloopy and that made things a little more difficult than it needed to be.


Ms. Purple-Orange-Green is, IMO, the better of the two.  I did lose some detail because I ended up redoing her purse and tassle multiple times (and I'm a "bit" heavy-handed with the paint, anwyay).  I also got a bit frustrated with it all.  The little details are great, but can take a bit to paint.


Overall, I thought the details were a bit shallow.  But these really are more "display" than I am accustomed to working with.  The brooms were easy enough to attach (Ms. Monochrome is a bit off, though), but I had a bit of difficulty with the right arms.  One arm had to be glued three or four times.  One thing I learned (too late) is that there's a little crease by her right hip that is where the sickle nestles into her skirts.  Using that would have helped my place her right arms, and given a bit more sturdiness.


Thanks for dropping by!

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Edit: Added better edits of the original photos.
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It sounds like you had kind of a rough time with the white one, but I actually like the stark contrast of the black and white. Maybe going with a darker skin tone could help add some differentiation without losing the nice contrast.


That's a bummer about the problems you were having with the white paint getting too thick. Why is it always white? Sheesh. If it's any consolation, it doesn't show in the pics.


The other gal looks great. Very nice highlighting on the purple, especially. It's an unusual color scheme, but it totally fits for a Halloween figure.

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Thank you all.


I have pulled the old photos and added a slightly better edit of the images to help out.  I hadn't quite realized how small the images were when I originally posted.


One of these days I may even feel up to tackling the metal versions!

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