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Painting Pack: Kolinsky Sable & Wolf Bristle Brushes


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13 hours ago, vutpakdi said:

I learned my lesson after the first Games & Gears debacle: avoid brush Kickstarters unless there is someone reputable really using them or you are willing to be okay with potentially throwing away money.



I backed Gears and Games fully expecting them to be average brushes. They are exactly that, but I still feel like I got value for money backing it, purely because of how many brushes you got.

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man i missed this conversation in oct.

I've been using some very very inexpensive wolf hare brushes since christmas (got like 10 size 00 for 3$ straight from china, so no guarantee they're real wolf either. Could be racoon dog for all I know) They work like any other cheap natural brush. my first one is starting to fray a little, but thats after about 18 minis. the particular ones i have must have a lot of space in the ferrule because they suck water all the way up like a sponge. I think that the manufacture not the hair.

I did try to read up and see if wolf hair was any good (its common for Chinese water color or ink brushes), and from what I can tell, it doesn't really matter which animal the hair comes from when looking at cheap natural hair brushes. its better than synthetic but worse than a brand name regardless of what hair. I vaguely remember being able to find camel hair back in the day.

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