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Darcstaar paints Khanag the Slayer


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This is my October Trio for Reaper Challenge League.  Khanag the Slayer.  As far as scale goes, he could be an ogre or half-giant.





Mine was part of the Kickstarter.  So it came in pieces.  I did the base first.  Stone Grey Triad, washes with Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade, Biel-Tan Green.  The iron shackles are Dragon Black with a few layers mixed with Ashen Blue.


Then I did the inside of the cloak.  Dragon Black with added Ashen Blue for layers.


Then the boots.  Russet Brown, added Tanned Leather, washed with Agrax Earthshade, reapplied first mix, then added more Tanned Leather for highlights.


Steel NMM next.  Blue liner, then Nightmare Black, then mixed Nightmare Black, Tropical Blue, Cloudy Grey.  Brighter layers with added Cloudy Grey. Then started adding Dragon white.  Final highlight was almost pure Dragon White with a little of the blue mix.


Working on the main armor next.  “Red Lacquer” with gold trim.

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