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Rudd Starslider, space smuggler 50302


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I painted this guy up for use in StarGrave, 5 Parsecs From Home, or any other sci-fi skirmish game I might get involved in. 


His paint scheme is very loosely based on a well known smuggler from a galaxy far, far away.


I tried to get his eyes looking off to his left; I think I didn't make him look too bad. 


I hope you like him. 









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Thanks, everyone!


21 hours ago, Grand Slam said:

Good call on the Han Solo-ish paint job (he's even got a slight Harrison Ford look to his face sculpt). The skin tone is quite nice on this one and I think the eyes work (he looks like he's in over his head on some space caper).

Thank you. I'm not sure why, but Han Solo sprang to mind when I was checking out the bare metal figure, so I just went with it.

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