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Wash ratio for small amount by drop


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I’ve been looking for recipe for a wash but getting somewhat frustrated.

some of what I see online is for a large batches 


im looking to be able to make a wash but I don’t want to make a whole lot of it and would like to have a recipe that I can use by the drop. 


example: 1 drop of color, 1 drop of flow Improver, 5 drops of water 


I do have all the reaper additives, flow improver, Matt additive, gloss sealed, wash medium, etc...   

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That's a lot of flow improver in your example, unless Reaper's comes pre-watered down. I have a mix of water and liquitex flow aid 20 to 1 in a dropper bottle. That gets added to the paint until it's the consistency I want for a wash. 

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