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Medieval Marginalia Miniatures 2


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Hi guys,

Some super cool minis, that are fairly weird but give ideas for adventures as well

Animated marginal figures either protecting mage's tome or one's that escaped and need to be caught


<this time link should be correct 🙄>

For me a bit too expensive and only physical, but love the idea

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incorrect link for campaign
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I'm a huge fan of marginalia, and I'm excided to see artists render those absurd little doodles from bored scribes in 3d.

looks like the KS has already funded and closed though.  Maybe there will be late backer options or retail options at some point, but given that this was a private individual who knows.


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4 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Reminds me of the art of Jheronimus Bosch/Hiëronymus Bosch 

That was my first thought too until I clicked the link and saw the other models. There's something fanciful and psychedelic about medieval marginalia monsters.


P.S. D&D and other fantasy games need more snails and mischievous rabbits (Bugs Bunny's ancestors?)

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