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1022 Reaper Bones 5 Noblewoman (sku: 30073)

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23 hours ago, AlonTey said:

I’ve got to know, what colors went into the skin and might you pass along your photography tip?

Based on kazmania's suggestion, I just grabbed one of those sheets of black felt from Michael's (super cheap) and used it as a backdrop (I don't have a lightbox or anything...I just use the cross-section of an old box right now). I also started using less light during me setup. It's counter-intuitive for me, but I find that the mini still gets adequate light and the background fades into the...background. Like I said, still tinkering with it. But things are promising so far.


As for her skin:

Base: Citadel flayed one flesh

Wash #1: Citadel reikland fleshshade

Highlight #1: flayed one flesh

Highlight #2: 1 part flayed one flesh, 1 part citadel white scar

Wash #2: Vallejo flesh all over (it's a reddish color that adds some "life" to the skin and helps a bit with the last bit of blending...if you can't get it, another coat of reikland fleshshade would probably work in a pinch - maybe mixed with some carroburg crimson or something).


Thanks so much for the kind words, everyone.

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