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As promised here are the final pictures of the project bringing this painting adventure to it's end.20230130_104716.thumb.jpg.c3ab692f663c1d7a3de818083a7a2df8.jpg20230130_104730.thumb.jpg.652d7d430b89e0e82187dabacd8fdd3b.jpg












Rather than posting too many pictures of generic goons I opted to just grab three with different colored jackets. 



As I found it quite satisfying to repack the game box with finished miniatures I snapped a quick picture. Hopefully I can find the time this weekend to unpack everything and play my first game. 



This project took much longer than I initially planned. Ignoring all the illness throughout the project motivation was probably the biggest factor. Thinking it over though I'm not sure what I could have done differently.


Painting the goons first as small batches was definitely the right call however leaving all the interesting figures for the end might have been a mistake. I thought perhaps painting a hero or villain after each batch might have worked to keep up my project motivation. Unfortunately I enjoyed painting the heroes and villians so much I know if I had started painting them I wouldn't have stopped, which would have left me with just goons to paint. That would have killed my motivation even more, so I guess in the end I painted this set in the best way I could have. 


Now the real question after I spent so much time painting, will I even like the game?

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