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Ral Partha Wizard with Staff, sculpted by Julie Guthrie


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2 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

You've given him a lovely paint job!

Also, kudos for doing a Julie Guthrie sculpt, I'm a big fan of her work.

Thanks very much Chaoswolf! Not going to lie, Ms. Guthrie is a sculpting goddess! One of these days I want to paint some of her old Elfquest minis, just looking for the time!

2 hours ago, Iridil said:

So wonderful an old school min - even the colors say 80's to me but with an update to modern painting technique and materials - love that gem

Everybody should grab their old minis and give them a modern touch!

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21 hours ago, Metalchaos said:

Once again, very nice work. I like you choice of colors and the way you accentuated every detail.

What a great model. I love the second photo, it captures the expression on his face well.

Thank you very much Metalchaos!  It's crazy that in these minis are so many little details that you can find and emphasize.  This one for example with his feathers, he has a ring on one finger, the rope on his hat, the designs on his bag, it's all there, just needs to be detailed.  And I'm guessing there's things I didn't see.  I'm painting a figure that I'd painted some years back and realized this time that the figure actually has a ring on her finger that I hadn't seen with the first version I painted.

20 hours ago, Ganryu Kojiro said:

Absolutely killer job.


What was your red recipe?

Thanks very much!


Good question,  I'm trying to remember.  I think I started out with Carnage Red, and then did a lots of different washes with some darker reds, purples and then my standby of Dark Elf Shadow as the darkest shade.  Then I think I went up highlighting with Blood Red, then Heraldic Red, then I think (trying once again to remember exactly) I blended Heraldic Red little by little with Sun Yellow so the highest highlight would have been Sun Yellow. 

14 hours ago, Mad Jack said:


 Another of my oldschool favorites...


So many figures out there from the past I want to paint...


You know the ones I've been thinking about recently?  The Grenadier Bugbears, which I have on bases and primed, just need to get around to painting them.  If I do those two I know that somewhere I've got that really funky cool Reaper Female Bugbear that I'm thinking I'd do at the same time.

10 hours ago, DragonWyrm said:

That gem on the staff has a really nice subdued look to it.
Wonderful paint job. It is always nice to see old school figures being given love.

Thanks, was some pinks and purples!


There are so many old figures floating around the planet, it would be a pity to see them all forgotten!

9 hours ago, Grand Slam said:

The work on the red, in particular, is incredibly smooth. I also really like your choice of highlight colors on the hat.

Thanks Grand Slam, the hat started just pure black and then a bunch of highlights of blues, shadow elf triad, greys and finally white.

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