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Man Arrested for Leaving Small Tip


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If the service is "adequate" and no better, my tip is ~15%. Better service will approach the 20-25% mark. Great service has been tipped better than 30%.


Since most of my time in restaurants is when I am travelling for work, I tend to be a little extra generous since the tip has to go on the credit card slip for me to get reimbursed.

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i work at the rainforest cafe in ontario mills-ontario, california. theres one in vegas, and one in mall of america and gurney mills (for you midwesterners)

therea animatronic gorillas, elephants, a jaguar, an orangutan, and several thousand gallon salt water fish tanks. its dark, loud (especially when theres a thunderstorm-lightining strobes, thunder, and all the animals come to life at once-anyone remember the enchanted tiki room at disneyland/world? its like serving in the middle of that....), and did i mention loud?

God love you for working there MC. I've eaten there only once, at the one in Burlington, MA. The noise of the place was just overwhelming. I could not even hear my brother who was sitting next to me. All the animatronics and sound effects.


Food wasn't bad though. But just too much noise for me to tolerate. I'm sure kids 5-10 or so love it though.

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Interesting. The Rainforest Cafe sounds like a cool idea, but I can't imagine anyone thinking a random "thunderstorm" would be conducive to a pleasant eating experience. And the closest one to me is actually in another country....


Lest anyone think I stiff the wait-staff, I should point out that I tip 15% for what I consider crappy service. It goes up from there (unless you are completely incompetent). I routinely tip 25-33% for a decent server ($2-3 on a $8-10 meal, $1 on a $3-4 beer).


I guess I've gotten some real winners. I've had a waitress actually LEAVE THE RESTAURANT while serving me (her shift was over, so she went home without saying anything to us). If you are out of something, how about telling me in a timely manner so I can either A. get my food when my friends do, or B. not hold up the entire group waiting on my order.


I routinely get someone who wants to argue with me if I complain about the food. See, I like chicken wings and I order them mild and extra crispy and they rarely make it to me that way. If I say they are too hot, don't tell me that you gave me mild when my mouth is on fire. If they are still dripping grease they aren't very crispy, don't tell me that is crispy...


Is it me? I've actually have two separate friends that are amazed (to the point it is a running joke with us) at the poor service I always seem to get. I guess if I started to stiff the wait-staff, then they wouldn't just go through the motions when serving me.


The thing is though, if I get bad service - I just don't go back...

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