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Thank you all for the positive comments, they are really nice to hear.

I got him as one of the bonus miniatures with a purchase which is really nice to get them in to practice on. This is my 4th mini I’ve Painted since after taking a 20 year hiatus from the hobby. 

Wish I dressed up the potion bottle a little better, silver with green clear over it, you can see the brush marks and not much TLC in it. 

I tried practicing some liner and I like how that looked. The flesh wash doesn’t blend well, too much of a contrast. I am happy with the face but looks kinda muddy to me. 

Any constructive feedback is welcomed,

thank you for your replies 

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I like him. I agree...that blue/purplish robe is quite vibrant and nicely-painted. The flesh looks pretty good to me. However, since you asked about criticism/ideas, you may want to see if you can track down a bottle of Valejo's flesh wash. I typically add it as an all-over wash after I've completed my flesh highlights. It's go a redness to it, which breathes a bit of life into the mini (Citadel's Reikland fleshshade is similar).

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