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Forged: A Massive Miniature Collection


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Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bamdungeondelvers/forged-adventure-series-1/description

Alright, so this is the third launch for this campaign. The first launch just wasn't optimally set up, pure and simple. The second succeeded in funding, but moved slow, and Broken Anvil seems very intent on wanting to get a lot of their stretch goal miniatures made. Both the previous launches also had some elements to them that were reminiscent of another KS(Blacklist FS1) that a lot of people have been burnt by, which probably made some of those people steer clear. So they've now done some rebranding of the campaign, and it's on Kickstarter instead of Backerkit now.

The "rerelaunch" was apparently done because Broken Anvil was given a deal by the factory they're working with, which reduced the costs significantly. So they relinquished the funding that they had already secured in their second launch to do make a better campaign with more value (and more minis) for everyone involved.

Anyone that backed the second launch on Backerkit will get a couple of small bonuses if they back the new campaign on KS. This will be a "Pug King" mini and a "third time's the charm" enamel pin. So nothing big that feels like you'd be missing out on if you didn't back the previous version, but also a nice, little "thank you" to those that did and kept supporting the project.

Pledge levels:

  • Heroes Box $40 (17 hero minis, no stretch goals)
  • Encounters Box $60 (5x6 pcs enemy squad minis, 2 large monster minis, no stretch goals)
  • Adventure Box $120 (17 heroes, 5x9 pcs enemy squad minis, 2 large monster minis, 1 dragon, all stretch goals)
  • Forgemaster's Bundle $360 (Everything in the Adventure Box, all 7 addon dragons, 5e Adventure, 45 pcs terrain buncle, all stretch goals)
  • Adventure STL Bundle $50 (Every sculpt in the Adventure Box, including all stretch goals, as STL files.)


There are Early Bird pledge levels with reduced costs for the first 48 hours.




Alrighty, so first off, they've made an early update with some information about the rerelaunch. Though I personally would've liked more in depth info/details on some points, it does feel very genuine. They also acknowledge the problem with the Blacklist FS1 KS, without mentioning the name. They've also chosen to put their actual faces on the campaign, which I personally consider a good show of sincerity.


Secondly, all the dragons have been previewed on the front page:


Those are some interesting dragons! Some of them are very close to their D&D counterparts, though with some quirks. The Red and Black dragons are very different, though! The Red Dragon is basically a living volcano spewing clouds of smoke, and with the horns of a D&D Black Dragon.

Meanwhile, the Black Dragon looks like something straight out of Final Fantasy. I don't think they're bad designs, but rather that I wouldn't personally use them as a Red or Black Dragon in D&D. I'd paint them up differently and use them differently. They're still very interesting designs. 

Really like that there are 3 metallic dragons though, and that they'll all work quite well as those dragons in D&D.

Also, here's the first stretch goal roadmap:


We can see that the first stretch goal are the three large Wargs. The third stretch goals are the Tiefling warrior and the little fox creature that were the second stretch goal in the previous launch.

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Just reached $60k, meaning we've unlocked stretch goal #2! This took around ten days on the previous version of this campaign, so things are definitely moving faster.


Hoping for an update soon, but the first stretch goal was the three Wargs, which are very cool.




The second stretch goal seems to be two copies of some human/animal hybrid(like a werewolf or similar), holding a small crossbow in one hand. EDIT: It's 2x wererats!




At $65k is what was previously the second stretch goal, the Tiefling warrior with a big sword, and a fox.


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Hadozee unlocked!




2 hours ago, Minsky07 said:

It's got a lot nicer pace to the Backerkit campaigns. Hopefully, it stays that way a bit longer!

Reaching 110k and unlocking those chunky orc trackers would be fairly simple then:



Alright, I'm generally not big on orcs, but those sculpts are really cool! Those are some damn good orcs! 😄


1 hour ago, lexomatic said:

I'm tempted to get add-ons the 3 wraiths the cat and the rabbit to fill gaps

Argh the title and those orcs


Yeah, I feel like the heroes set's got a lot of minis that fill gaps, which is probably why I like it so much. The cat and rabbit being two of the more interesting ones at that. 😄

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