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Forged: A Massive Miniature Collection


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The Orc Camp expansion has been adjusted, so now all the orcs are in it initially, with terrain unlocking at $250k and $300k.


There are only three days to go, so they've decided to reveal the final two roadmaps:



We're currently at $182k, so I think it's likely we'll at least hit $200k. The remaining stretch goals are:

  • $185k 4 piece set of Owlfolk villagers: Woodcutter, Innkeeper, Wise Elder, Smith
  • $190k Hadozee Wizard - Master Gunner Olyvia
  • $195k Voidflayer Apprentice (Mind Flayer)
  • $200k 3 piece set of adventurers: Sir Maddox Dragonbane, Prowlmaster Kit Brice, Duke Thorton Reed
  • $205k Orc Warrior - Sinma of the High Queen Guard
  • $215k 3 piece set of Wyverns
  • $220k Some sort of mage/druid*
  • $225k 2 piece set of Ratfolk Plague Sorcerers
  • $230k Voidflayer Lorekeeper (Cyclops Mind Flayer)
  • $235k 4 piece set of Rock Spiders
  • $240k Captain Aryn Gensys (Elf Gunslinger)
  • $245k Dwarf Fighter - Vakhound "The Bear" Redbraid
  • $250k Another Orc Wargrider, new sculpt*
  • $255k Hunter 1 (Human with lantern and giant spiked mace)
  • $260k Undead Knight (Armored Zombie / Death Knight)
  • $265k Beatrix Von Korgamel Hag
  • $270k Freya The Slayer (Human Fighter)
  • $275k Owlfolk Crossbowman
  • $280k Forged Construct Bastion (Warforged Knight)
  • $285k Forged Construct Symphony (Warforged Bard)
  • $290k Voidflayer Guardian (Chonky Mind Flayer in armor)
  • $295k Lady Cladderdyne Hag
  • $305k 8 piece set of Crystal spiders*
  • $315k 3 piece set of Vargs: Ward of the Crown, Gloomstalker, Devourer (Werewolves)

* These are guesses. The others are names of existing sculpts by Broken Anvil.

I ended up not having money to back this properly, so I adjusted my pledge to only $1 the other day. But hopefully I'll be able to add some stuff in the PM.

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2 minutes ago, amuller33 said:

really?? ALMOST too good to be true. Im in for an adventurers box!


Yeah, it's getting to be a lot of bang for your buck! 😄 

There is an STL pledge option as well for those that want the files, but the files are also available to buy through Broken Anvil's stores on various STL marketplaces. The KS campaign itself is mainly about turning these into physical, mass production, plastic minis. 😄

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4 hours ago, B3AST said:

How are these folks affiliated with Blacklist Miniatures, cause that KS was a cluster run by crooks ?


They are not affiliated with Blacklist at all. However, there were some easy comparisons to make between the Blacklist FS1 KS and the Forged KS, which made those people uncomfortable backing the project, so they had to address it. 🙂 




$190k Hadozee Sorcerer unlocked:




1500 backers stretch goal unlocked, Deep Gnome Foreman:




$195k Mind Flayer unlocked:




$200k group of three adventurers unlocked:



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