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Forged: A Massive Miniature Collection


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While i had written this off as a loss, the last studio paint update Jan 12 looks like they're actually going to deliver paint (haven't heard if they'll need more money for shipping), and the Rivenstone Dec 8 update shows a lot of siocast production (and the jan update shows the part owner wasting money on a trip to Europe). But they're at least acting like an actual company and not like someone trying to liquidate assets before declaring bankruptcy. So maybe there is hope

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I wish I could have faith in them. Thete was so much bad press it really makes it hard to know what's true and what's fake.  I have a hard time following the reddit and other posts on this that say "I was a former employee" and they don't say who they are. There's no credibility, but the actions they speak of appear to reflect what is going on. 


Another weird thing is after all the WA State complaints were placed, there was an update and showing progress.  I truly hope they are, and have been doing the right thing, and it is just coincidence all the negative stuff. If they can deliver on forged and the paint I will be relieved. I have written off my hopes of getting them, but if they come through it will help restore my faith.  I will not be ordering from them again, but I can at least say they delivered on goods paid.  At least it's not the same wait that KDM had of years of waiting.


Let's hope.

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On 8/26/2023 at 10:15 AM, JoeGKushner said:

I tried to wan peeps not to listen to 'influencers' advising people to back the paint kickstarter because well, it's not a store and it's not a preorder.  I don't want to say I got shouted down but... it was a mixed bag.


Late reply, but the boardgame community (specifically BoardGameGeek) went through this phase as well. Game reviewers dipped into the KS pool, some with paid promotion, some not, and they've learned their lesson. Rahdo Runs Through It is at one extreme, where he was really enthusiastic about a real-time based game, Project Elite (before CMON), based on the prototypes. Then he made an apology video once the blobby miniatures came up. Undead Viking hurt his reputation or something when he didn't reveal clearly (?) a paid promotion. At the other extreme is a "reviewer" who puts out "what's good about... / what's bad about..." videos. He would make the videos ahead of time, then contact a KS creator, and ask for $1.5K to post the videos. One creator refused, he became upset, and he somehow thought boardgamers would be on his side. I'm used to reading reviews (easy to skim), so don't watch this "influencer" stuff unless it's something only a video can show (eg. tutorial for a reviewed product).


I'm too old to care if people want to throw their money away, influencer, stock market tips, whatever. Then again, I'll for the hype, and have posted threads plugging KS which failed, as well. That said, go pick up that King's Pledge from Monolith. It's a great deal and the company has fulfilled multiple KS. 😮

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