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Randomness: the 18th sequel


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So I've mentioned over in the 3d printing & maybe the RCON topic, but one of the pregens for my RCon games is a dwarf ranger (beast master) who has the gunner feat. This is a homage to one of my favorite cinematic openings, that being World of Warcraft & the dwarf with the bear at the beginning. The whole music, with the dwarf in the snow, who nods his head for his bear friend to follow him over the mountain side, epic, just pure epic stuff. Now I can't really give him a bear companion as well bears are too high of a companion to give in 5e (if you go by the official ruleset, which I do), so instead I'm making him a drakewarden, basically beastmaster but with just drakes. That works for me.


Now the whole WoW thing, It's probably been 10 or more years since I've watched that WoW trailer & it's still pretty fun to watch & it brings back quite a bit of memories of my time in WoW (up until I got fed up with the game....but that is a different story). I decided to watch the other trailers & they were all great. That is one thing Blizzard could do was make some epic game trailers. I'm not getting the itch to play WoW (again, that ship has long sailed & got smashed to pieces), but I'm interested in some of the characters that were introduced in the trailers as I bowed out before the first expansion came out.

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10 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Why do the last 30 minutes of the workday feel like they're taking 6 hours?



Well Einstein's theory might explain this:




On the other hand, be careful when to use his theory:







8 hours ago, Heisler said:

Here is a serious Arkham model railroad Lovecraft railroad



I'm not a train model person, but this looks awesome!

Now to introduce some Lovecraftian monsters to that set up!



Stumbled upon this:





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My wife and I went out and played a board game called Champions of Midgard with some friends last night; it's a pretty cool game, we really enjoyed it. I'll be spending today working on some chores as well as doing some reading, and maybe even some painting later on.

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@Crowley routinely pops up when Anne is streaming every morning. He always has to bail at 14:00 hours (his time zone) for a standing daily meeting. 

Did Turkey have a new quake? I remember there were some bad ones a few weeks ago. 

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Dinner and a show went very well.

Very good Chinese, with leftovers for tomorrow, for dinner and The Glenn Miller Orchestra for the show.

If you are into Swing Era Music, I recommend them as an evening well spent.

I'm going to suggest to the sponsoring organization next week that they try to book Post-Modern Jukebox when they make a west coast tour.  The show was a sell out in about a 400-500 seat house with great acoustics.  The only part that was miked were the singers, everything else was as played by the musicians with no electronics between their instruments and the audiences ears.

Current lineup for the G.M.O. is 14 musicians plus a girl singer, with some of the band members doubling as vocalists on the parts that were originally sung by The Modernaires.  Nice selection of original Glenn Miller Band hits, plus some Great American Songbook Standards and a few tunes in their second set from the band as performed in the 50s through the 80s.

Picked up two CDs of the current group plus the obligatory tour shirt, and will be on the lookout for a soon-to-be-released album of all new music from the vocalist.

Hope everyone else had as pleasant an evening


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On 3/25/2023 at 9:46 AM, Mad Jack said:


 There's a thread over on ENWorld asking for names for alcohol and fantasy drinks to use in D&D...


Although I've only made mead a couple times in my life so far, this is the label I put on each bottle...



  Reveal hidden contents




Red Dragon Inn has several options. I don't have my copy to hand so can't give exact names.


There are also several I've come across for Blood Bowl, some of which wouldn't work so well for D&D, but you could use:

Orca Cola




Ded Bull

Some of these even have logos people have made. Try this link for some examples: https://www.talkfantasyfootball.org/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=20178


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