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Randomness: the 18th sequel


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On 4/2/2023 at 10:16 AM, alchemist said:

I looked out of my window this morning and was a bit startled to see thousands of people running along the street.

For a moment I thought maybe some sort of apocalyptic disaster was unfolding.

But then I remembered that my home overlooks the route for my town's half-marathon event.  I had no idea that it was taking place today. :rolleyes:


Every few years during the spring I used head out to go do something, only to find out that 4000 bikers had taken over our town. I kept forgetting about Pappy's Run... ::P:



On 4/2/2023 at 4:43 PM, SparrowMarie said:

 I've been having a pretty hard bout of the brain weasels due to medication changes.


 Whenever the brain weasels show up, I visualize myself killing them in cartoonishly violent ways. It doesn't always help to get rid of them for good, but it's amusing enough to help for a little while.


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RTB Pro-Tips! Celebrating Anne's 20th Anniversary with Reaper Miniatures! SKU#30090 ReaperCon Dungeoneer Sophie! 4-3-23.


Stream starts around 11:30 AM.  Anne said there would be giveaways during the stream (five $100 Reaper gift codes).




ETA: First winner has been drawn: dontforgettostretch

Second winner: masarrah

Third winner: mo_brock0918

Fourth winner: brotherraymond

Fifth winner: TylerTheTired

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Today is a better day despite lack of and poor quality of sleep. I've gotten a bunch of cleaning done and am now just hanging out. Thinking about a nap already though.


We were supposed to get Husband a new phone today but I am just too tired. I'm kind of upset at the whole phone situation. This one is less than 6 months old, brand new when we bought it, and it's having screen issues.


Husband went to get it fixed but they could not replicate the problem in the store so they wouldn't replace the screen for fear that wasn't the problem. If that hadn't been the problem he'd have had to have a new ticket created and gone back in until it was fixed. It is still under warranty so hoping Verizon isn't going to be broccoli about it. Not getting those hopes up though. We didn't get phone insurance because MIL thinks it's a scam and since she paid for it I wasn't going to argue with her. But here we are.

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Did I mention that I volunteered to be the additive manufacturing POC for my program? Basically 3D printing titanium. Anyway, there’s an offsite meeting that I declined to attend. Too short of a meeting to travel six hours for.


I was amused that the email said to consider car pooling to save on emissions. Uh, yeah, if that’s the concern make it a virtual meeting rather than in person. 

Since I am not going, I dutifully filled out my slide on what I could suggest switching to 3D printing over traditional machining. Sent it in, saying that unless there’s a call in number, the slide is the best I can do. 

“Oh, for sure we will have a call in!”


Really. Uh… that’s preferable?! Hello!? McFly?!


Had it been a lot of training, education, and, you know, real work, I’d be happy to go. Sometimes I wonder about this corporate life I’m in. 

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