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Randomness: the 18th sequel


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I just had the oddest dream. I was standing on a football field. There was a game in progress. It was American Football—stripes on the field, helmets and shoulder pads on the players. But I was not playing, no helmet for me. 

The game announcers were alternately shouting at me or describing what was happening on the sidelines. There was protests going on. People shouting and chanting and waving signs. But I could only see them on the Jumbotrons. 

My view included the team (pale blue uniforms like the Lions?) on the sidelines. Behind them there were a lot of barriers, small structures, white containers, maybe trailers. All of that was blocking my direct view of the protestors. The announcers were saying there was a second line of protestors behind the first one. The crowd was up above and behind the protestors. 

The announcers who I could see very clearly because they were somehow way bigger (? or closer?) were suggesting I throw things at the protestors. And, oddly, I had an assortment of plastic bottle caps I could  have hurled. 

Maybe I was a groundskeeper? I had a sense the 22 players actually playing were off to my right someplace. I never did throw anything and I never spotted how I was dressed so maybe I was a referee. 

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13 minutes ago, Corsair said:

$360 Millino dollars. That's the size of the contract Aaron Judge signed with the Yankees today. 9 years at $40 Million a year....

I love baseball, but Holy Cats, forty million to play a game? Sorry, but things are out of control...

Too lazy to make it, but imagine the two astronauts meme with one if them with a gun. Always has been. 

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