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So, the search for new four legged family member is ongoing.

It's hard, 'cause we'll find a dog that's 'perfect', but they'll get adopted by someone else. On one hand, I'm sad because we missed out, but on the other, I'm very happy that the pupper got to go home with a new family. ::):

We'll keep looking, we'll find our new friend when it's time.

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10 hours ago, Green Eyed Monsty said:

An entry in the DIY nightmare discussion, hotel edition:




There doesn't seem to be any connection to a ventilation system here.



They said there needed to be a ventilation grate in the bathroom, not that the bathroom had to be ventilated.


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Oh, so tempting. Saw several job reqs today for new internal positions. Two would be promotions. The work is interesting and both my 6yo-self and my college-self would be disappointed if I didn’t try for them. But it’s for a project competition that is still competing, managed by a large Federal government agency that I have worked for before and have little enthusiasm for their ability to succeed in a timely fashion. Were it a deep space project rather than manned space flight, I would jump. But right now, nah.

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