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Randomness: the 18th sequel


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21 hours ago, Green Eyed Monsty said:

Sounds to me like you need to develop a publishable list of "Known Problematic Credit Card Processors", with a synopsis of the reason why this processor is on the list.

Possibly pair that list with a list of "Recommended Credit Card Processors" who you know interface properly with your equipment and don't have a predilection for blowing up the system on a regular basis.



List of Known Problematic Card Processors:



If it ain't one thing it's another. 

The thing that is killng me here about MM is that we have dozens of sites set up with them.  So many sites that a special setup document was created that gives the MM reps a good overview of what they have to do, and that document has made their setups relatively smooth for the last decade or so.  But for some unknown reason, this particular customer and their MM rep cannot figure it out.  And to make matters worse, the site WAS working, until someone somewhere changed something which resulted in the required WW account being closed. 

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Started to work on the RCON game minis today. The whole keep them on the table on the off-weeks & off on the Saturday game week start anew. Allot more minis this year then last, thou it doesn't help I added a 6th game this year, but overall though there is allot more. I hope I can finish em all in time.


I mainly did sorting via game & gluing steps today. I need to hit Home Dewpah for some more UV glue as I'm about halfway through & I don't want to run out of that glue. Sadly that glue started to give me problems, so hopefully it's not starting to fail me, as that is about the only glue I've found that'll glue up Sunlu resin. 


Overall thou I think I can get some painting started this week. I think what I'll do is go by game in the way I'm running them at the Con. I guess it keeps them organized when I'm painting & putting them somewhere to dry & such.

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