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Randomness: the 18th sequel


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4 hours ago, haldir said:

So I checked the autoparts stores this morning & neither had the stuff. One store had the peg but not in stock & the other it wasn't on the shelf.


Thou, at that store, one of the workers said he has seen it there before & thought they might have some in the back. While he looked the store manager looked it up through the "local" network of stores (NAPA) & said how many do I want? I said 2, so she placed a order & said it'd be here around 1130 or so.


She was going to give me call, but I haven't heard anything yet. No worries, I still have some left. At least I know I have some coming.



The saga of the damn glue is almost over! NAPA called while I was finishing up mowing the backyard & they said those 2 bottles are in! Probably a good thing as I'm starting to run out on my current bottle.

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Busy day today.

I've started training as a Motorman at the Railroad Museum and will be spending today in practice runs and learning maintenance procedures on one of our Motor Cars all day with one other volunteer.

We have two Motor Cars, the 72 foot long McKeen [1910], which is currently down for maintenance, and our smaller MC built by the Edwards Motor Car Company in 1926 for the Tuscon, Cornelius and Gila Bend RR.  The TC&GB MC is fun to drive, though a little awkward as one has to stand up, turn sideways with one knee on the seat, and stick your head out the side window of the Motorman's compartment to see signals from the Conductor on the black platform.

May have some passengers as the museum has a group of almost 100 5th graders booked for a tour today.


All Aboard!


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My wife is at a stormwater conference and just sent me this picture...




It's a bit hard to tell from the picture, but that's a Volvo excavator with less than 60 hours on it.


Just to clarify, that photo on the left is one of these buried in muck up to the cab:



I've seen plenty of trucks lost to careless driving in wetlands. But never anything quite so expensive.

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