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Randomness: the 18th sequel


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6 hours ago, Green Eyed Monsty said:

Are you next door?

Been booming, banging, and intermittently putting down rain for a couple hours now.


Nowhere near. 

That weather (system) is likely my future weather though — 5? days out?

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Roofer will come by this afternoon.

The plan is to renew the roof with new bitumen tomorrow but I discovered some small leaks.

It hasn't poured into my office yet but he needs to see how far it went.


Maybe we can go through with plan A.

But maybe ( and this is making me anxious) we might need to replace woodwork if that has been damaged.

We'll know later this afternoon.


Then we can either proceed as planned or make a new plan and see what the extra costs will be.


I'm not good at this...

I always imagine the worst possible scenario.

Stupid brainweasels.

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Roofer's verdict is in.


The roof I want to have renewed above my office:

No problem, some moisture between two older layers of roofing, completely dry underneath.

So he can renew that roof without having to replace any isolation or woodworks.


This leaves my roof above our dining room, this is an extension of the original building with 6 skylights.

Due to these skylights this roofer won't touch it because he might damage them.

That roof is not bad but we noticed two spots where the roofing also has moisture between the layers.

He will patch those.

I will keep an eye on that roof and when I see more of that popping up, I will need to call a company.

( This roofer works for such a company but does it on the side, he already fixed my main roof and that of my neighbour, he works well but is a lot cheaper of course).

So, let's see how long the roof with the skylights will hold after it's patched.

My main concern is that they need to remove the skylights when renewing the roof and put them back again.

Since these are older they might get damaged in the process.

I need to see how that would work out when a company does this.


But that's a concern for later.

Tomorrow the Office Roof will be done and some patches on the Skylights Roof.


So far, I'm less anxious now.

I feared I had to have more work done.

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5 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:


My kids have both been randomly meowing during vacation. Just been rolling with it. 

I’m in the process of having the roof replaced on my house as well. Contacted five well rated companies, two returned the call, but only one set up an estimate. So he won. Did already know what it should cost and he was right in the middle of the range. Sad to be losing our cedar shingles. I feel they’ve kept the house cooler in the summer. But nobody wants to work that it seems. Still legal where I live. 

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Posted (edited)


 It's half an hour before my bedtime, and I'm actually going offline now to get ready for bed, as opposed to realizing it's half an hour (or more) past my bedtime and then scrambling to get ready instantly followed by trying to immediately get to sleep. This is actually a bit scary, lol.


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