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Randomness: the 18th sequel


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I am back on land! I am sitting in our sketchy airport hotel. This is the last time we let FIL pick a hotel.


I still feel wobbly though. Planes home tomorrow. I am so tired. Met a new person on the cruise. Gave him my contact info. We'll see if I ever hear from him again. We met in almost all the art classes. Very nice gentleman.


I've got a metric elf ton of photos to sift through.

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6 minutes ago, Green Eyed Monsty said:

Property about a half a mile from us has one of those 12 foot high skeletons, up all the time.

It's starting to dis-articulate.  One arm is MIA and the head is now resting on the front side of one shoulder.

Does that count?



It'd one armed cousin is here in my town.

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20 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

We SOOO need a facepalm emoji.


19 hours ago, Pegazus said:

Hear me out.


Banana Doritos!


Eh?! Good right!!?

No. Have you seen the new flavors they're testing right now? Ketchup? They found perfection with taco.

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Had a pretty long and sweaty day hiking around a gigantic restoration site yesterday. It's a portion of Camp Garfield, a National Guard training facility that's been doing some stream and wetland work in recent years to offset some impacts the army made elsewhere. I may have posted here about this place before, so sorry if I'm repeating myself. But I really love wandering around this place and finding new stuff (and then sharing that stuff with anyone who will listen). As the restoration progresses, more and more interesting native organisms are filling the site up from surrounding ecosystems and it's finally reaching a point where we are coming across stuff you just don't find in man made environments, which is a great sign that all these years of work have been successful. 


Anyways, here's a bunch of pictures...


The work being done out here comes in a couple of parts, the first are taking a bunch of old machine gun practice ranges and restoring them to their original forested wetland ecosystems. Ten years ago this was stripped bare and now it's starting to really fill in and get all forested up again:




The second part of the work was tearing out an old earthen dam some boy scouts built around 1920. There's 2 things that can totally destroy a healthy ecosystem completely without malice... beavers and boy scouts. The stream is really coming back well once the original water levels were restored:




And here's some of the cooler stuff we found: 


This is some sort of swamp hibiscus. Great stuff to see thriving on site, but a real PITA to move through as it's developed into a decent wall of shrubbery across many areas of the site.




Here's some Noble Yarrow. This is often seeded by folks trying to increase their diversity numbers in the short term but then it dies off within a few years, unlike other sites this stuff is definitely thriving out here.




Here's some Giant Burr Reed. This is also often planted for restoration work as it out-competes a lot of invasive species. That big spiked thingy is the seed pod. I've been trying to get this to grow in a few places down on the farm in recent years but I think the soil is too compacted to let it really thrive.




Here's some crown tipped coral fungus. I know I've shown this off before on here, but this was just such a handsome specimen I thought I'd post a new picture of it. Wish I'd found it a few days earlier so I could have brought it home and cooked it, but it's a little past it's prime here.




Here's some Ghost Pipe, or Monotropa uniflora, which is greek-ish for a single curve with a single flower. This is one of three non chlorophyll producing, parasitic plants that grow in this region and this may be the furthest north I've seen it in the state. This is definitely not something that you can plant for, so it's really fun to find at a restoration site. The flower is typically yellow and blue and the rest of the plant is normally all white. But this specimen had some flecks of grey in it and the flower only had a single color. That's a variation I have not seen before.






And my favorite find of the day, Fuligo septica! Otherwise known as Dog Vomit slime mold (it's the yellow stuff growing on top of the moss). It's not a mold, a slime, a plant, or a fungus. Instead it's actually a colony of single celled organisms that form a plasmodium when in the presence of the correct mating type of cell. Basically a chemical trigger signals them to form the yellow "slime" pictured below which then send out a network of protoplasmic strands that feed on other organisms. Once it consumes everything nearby it forms fruiting bodies that produce spores that are carried away by any beetles that come in contact with it to start the whole process over again. Awesome stuff. This one is just at the stage where it's going to start extruding strands to look for nutrients.




Anyways, that's all the good stuff I had time to photograph. Cheers all and hope that wherever you are it's not too hot to get outdoors and look for weird stuff!

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8 minutes ago, Green Eyed Monsty said:

What do you feed it?





But Ren and Stimpy had a song about it. I don’t remember many of the words, except:


”. . . it’s better than bad, it’s good ! . . .”

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14 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

The Creator trying to invent friendly AI:





There is a bad movie where right at the beginning a robot a lot like that lumbers to a burning vehicle, pulls the driver out, and says in a menacing voice "wait here, I'll get help!"


But damned if I can remember the title.

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