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Randomness: the 18th sequel


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Last week was a nightmare. And the fireworks are STILL going on. I had someone set up a mortar in the parking lot across the street and I just went off on them. My (female) coworker was talking to me and when it went off, she about jumped two feet in the air. Of course, that's a trauma response because she was working the desk (where I was last night) when someone was gunned down in that parking lot. But, hey, let's keep making booms almost a week after the holiday, right? I keep saying "pets and vets" when it comes to fireworks. And I also remember how fireworks lit a good chunk of the state on fire a few years back. I'm just... Done with the holiday now. Plus, I haven't felt like celebrating it much for about, oh, 2.5 years...

And then, we have this kid (literally 18 years old) that got hired and has been working one of my old gigs, who got hit in the face with a four foot (over a meter for those of you not using Freedom Units) long tree limb by some crazy homeless guy. Didn't do much to him but what really got me was the fire crew that came out. I guess the captain said "why did you wake up my guys for this?" Like, my dude, a kid got hit with a pretty big chunk of tree, can you excuse us for perhaps wanting SOMEONE REMOTELY PROFESSIONAL TO CHECK THEM OUT SO MAYBE HE DOESN'T, I DON'T KNOW, DIE FROM SOMETHING STUPID??? I get it but at the same time, head injuries (especially bleeding ones) should be always taken very seriously. I expect this attitude from the police these days, but a fire captain? Maybe get another job if you don't want to help people?
The only good moment was the cop who showed up had a mullet and very unique mustache and soul patch. I had to stop myself from laughing because I called him "Officer Joe Dirt" in my head.

Oh, and did I mention that I only got about 90 minutes of sleep before work? And this all went down less than two hours after I started? Yeah... :zombie:

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Now that raises a question: If Darth Vader tried to force choke Godzilla and Godzilla tried to force choke** him back, who would win?



**or nuclear laser flame, or just plain ole quash using scaly claws, Godzirra got options!

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