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Randomness: the 18th sequel


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Paraphrasing of an conversation I'm having with a (former) distributor. 


Distributor Owner (several months ago):  After internal discussion, we have decided we are no longer going to support your equipment.  We are going to be directing sites to contact you directly for support.

Me: OK, but be aware you purchased a dial up to internet credit card upgrade last year for site X that has yet to be installed. As far as I am concerned, you are still responsible for installing it, or returning the parts for a credit less restocking fee. 

argument ensues over obligations. Owner decides that will be their last support.


Distributor Parts ( about a month after above conversation): I need to order these parts for site Y

Me: Sure, but we were informed last month that your company was no longer supporting our products, and that our mutual customers would have to order direct from us. 

Distributor Parts: Huh, no one told me that. 

Me:  Hmm.  (sells him parts)


Distributor Tech (a couple of weeks later):  Hey, I need to get a quote to do an upgrade for site Z.

Me: Sure, but again, I thought you guys weren't going to support our equipment any more. 

Distributor Tech: Oh, they're not going to after I retire in July. 

Me: Oh, that makes sense, owner never mentioned that was the reason. 


This tech is really the only one at the distributor who knows our equipment, so this makes far more sense than the rambling reasons and justifications the owner made.  The distributor stopped selling our equipment 10 years ago, but were at least still supporting the equipment they had sold. 


Sell the additional upgrade, get them both scheduled, and installed.  During the upgrade for Site Z, its' discovered that neither of the printers on site are working.  Since this was at about the two week point before the tech's retirement and site Z is a couple hours away from the distributor, it is determined the fastest way to get things working is to send the complete printer assemblies to me to troubleshoot and repair on my bench. 


Me: Printers have been received, repaired, this is what I found, this is what it is going to cost.  

Distributor Owner: Since it is less than a week until tech retires, please reach out to Site Z and deal with him directly.  Oh yeah, please give him our discount and call me to discuss. 


Yeah, right. I contact site Z, give him an updated quote at our list prices for the repaired printers, he promptly pays, and I ship them straight to him. Tracking says he received them Tuesday, but I have not heard from the site. That could mean he reinstalled them without issue or it could mean he hasn't even tried yet.


I have no desire to talk to the Distributor Owner, so I blow off his request to call him. After all, he's made it clear he no longer wants to be our customer. 

Fast forward to just now, and receive a long rambling email from the Distributor Owner demanding to know if I've taken care of site Z and "explaining" why it is now my obligation to do so. 

My response was simply "Site Z has paid for and received the repaired parts."


I'm wondering if this will be the end of it.   For a guy who has been so insistent that we need to support our mutual customers directly and keep his company out of it, he's being awfully hands on. 


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18 hours ago, kitchen_wolf said:

You two are wearing each other's clothes again.  Neat trick considering the size difference.

Nah, I borrow his tees all the time.

It's the other way around that's hard. ::P:


BD asked for peanut butter and hot pepper jelly sandwiches for lunch.


That smile she gave him was genuine.

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10 hours ago, Cygnwulf said:

Relevant to the lottery discussion...



"Oh Arthur!" Just remember not to wish to be the leader of a 1st world country in the 20th century. 

Conversation at work today: 

R: I don't use suncreen, it causes cancer, all the chemicals in it. Not skin cancer, but like other ones. 

B: Well, it prevents skin cancer, it does what it advertises. It doesn't say anything about other cancer. 

Me: It's like Little Caesar's pizza. They advertise hot and ready, it doesn't say it tastes good. 

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49 minutes ago, SamuraiJack said:

Well @haldirI was sad our game at Oregon was a victim of the pandemic, but it looks like a trip to Autzen will be in my future after all 


Yah, crazy day in college football. Tbh, I hate it but at least, I know where they will be. The Final Four aka Pac-4 on the other hand, who knows.

4 hours ago, CaptainPete said:

You're welcome. ::P:



I was thinking I  may have to introduce this to my Weds player, possible as soon as next week!! :poke:

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