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Randomness: the 18th sequel


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Y'all enjoy the pumpkin spice drinks, alcohol or coffee or whatever.  I'll be in the corner eating my Philadelphia pumpkin cream cheese spread straight from the tub with a spoon. It's a poor man's pumpkin cheesecake. 

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11 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:




Now this could work. I'm already a fan of spiced rum, so why not.


Though I'm equally scared at the thought of pumpkin spice Kraken. It feels... wrong.


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Spent last evening gluing together all my minis from Reapercon. And now running 3D bases for a bunch of minis needing smaller bases. A quick laugh about one of the goblins from my loot, a one man [goblin?] band, I got to thinking "Yeah, he's gotta be chaotic evil, he has an accordian...". Gonna need to pick up some more filler at HL for my ankylosaurus, he has a pretty good gap running around the belly section joint line.

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Last night was a beast. Young boss called out, one boss is on vacation, the boss that was working when I came in doesn't have their own vehicle and was almost told that they weren't going to be getting home, and then... This one is a wild one. I see that someone isn't clocked in and call them. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey, I see that you're supposed to be in about 15 minutes ago, what's up?

Them: Did they tell you? I'm in Orlando.

Me: What the... You're in Orlando?!? You called? Yeah, I've got nothing on that.

Them: Yeah, I called and told them earlier.

Me: (other phone ringing, someone else in the background freaking out after hearing the conversation) Okay, yeah, I'll get you out of the shift tonight.


No one else mentioned speaking with this person and they're reliable, while this person isn't. And we can go through the phone records to find out if they actually called or not. I had to shift around the few people I had to get that covered, which is why the boss who was there almost had to sleep in the office, and then start dealing with other issues. It was just a hot mess. And then, the one person who was doing stuff, dropped a few bombshells about the young boss (who's already quitting) and now I'm very mad. I had to send an email to one of the big bosses that ended with "I don't feel comfortable working with (young boss) going forward." If I get called about it today, which I probably will, I'm going to just flat out say "only one of us is going to work tonight, you choose, I don't mind having the night off right now." I don't think I'd be able to keep my mouth shut about it, so it would be better than we don't cross paths until they're gone.

Oh, and the icing on the cake? Someone called a little over an hour before the boss came in and told me her grandfather died. We knew it was coming but she was trying not to cry on the phone and I was just trying not to cry, too. It took me right back to when my grandfather died. I said something like "okay, so you're taking the day off. I'll get you pulled and we'll take care of it, don't worry." I didn't even ask, just "this is what we're doing" about the whole thing.

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30 minutes ago, aku-chan said:



This week is not off to a great start, first I learn one of my favourite mini ranges is pretty much dead and now I've found out that the place I get my anime/manga from is getting out of the anime/manga business.

Which one? :blink:


1 hour ago, kristof65 said:

ugh @CaptainPete, sounds like a rough night. Good luck!


Eh. It'll all work out in the end. Thanks.

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16 minutes ago, aku-chan said:

first I learn one of my favourite mini ranges is pretty much dead

Ah, another Chronoscope fan...


My frustration of the day so far is a site that doesn't want to do any proper follow through on their issue, and instead whine and complain and ask for one of our techs to come to site.  For a problem that has been going on since January, and was very likely self inflicted. At no charge, of course. 

They actually had a bunch of issues initially, and all but one of them were resolved by March. The remaining issue is that they can't get the gas pumps to talk to the car wash controller so they can sell wash codes at the pump.  They've called the gas pump company to try and get it working, but they won't contact their local wash equipment distributor. The gas pump tech has been told three times that the best way to get this resolved is to arrange a scheduled appointment for them and the wash distributor tech to be on site, and me available by phone. I've known the wash distributor tech for 15 years now, and I know that he and I can handle our side of things. 

But nope, now the gas pump company has joined in the whining about sending a tech out.  Talked to management of the company I contract to, and even though the factory is closer to the site than I am, their travelling tech is tied up with new site installations until spring and they're not going to pull him from those since the distributor is nearby.   I'm currently helping a local customer open up a brand new site with new prototype tellers, so I'm not available until November at the earliest - plus getting me to Canada's west cost is likely going to cost the site/gas pump company well over C$4k by the time you factor in travel time and expenses. 

My best guess as to what is going on is that the site owes the wash equipment distributor money, or otherwise had some sort of falling out with them. It will be interesting to see what their response is to being told I can't get there until November and the likely minimum cost. 

Normally I wouldn't even entertain going, but Vancouver is closer to where my son is stationed than Iowa is....

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Well it's definitely Fall around here.

Overnight temps into the mid 30s and daytime in 70s.

Going to be back up into daytime 80s for the weekend after rain on Thursday.

And, Street Vibrations, the big Fall Motorcycle Event is going on through the end of the weekend.

End of the month Carson City is getting some new artwork all over town.  Big Mural Painting and Music Event, sponsored by the Brewery Arts Center.

Next month, Nevada Day Celebration, which is co-incident with Halloween.

If I'm in my Santa Claus persona on Halloween, does that mean I'm Jack Skellington?


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21 minutes ago, Green Eyed Monsty said:

Roll for Initiative?



There are several stores here in Winterset that sign could apply to. 

We have an antique store here that I literally have never seen open in the 6.5 years I've been here, but the merchandise in the window keeps changing, so they must be doing some business. 

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