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Randomness: the 18th sequel


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13 hours ago, TGP said:

Maybe it’ll be better than those trips to Alabama (was it? Huntsville?) where there wasn’t much of nothing around to do for after hours. 

In your previous gig. 

Did you change corporations or just slide off to a different program/contract/division within same giant Corp?

Eh, dunno. Not a big fan of the 405 or LAX. And while it has a lot more food options than Huntsville, not sure Moorpark is going to be an Eden of relaxation even if I had time to try to relax. 

And it’s just a slide. Been with one corporation since college, 27 years come November. Not often that happens much anymore especially in this industry.

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Hrmpf groundwater pump might need to be replaced. Suction works, the pipe is full of water right up to the connection with the pump but the pump just doesn't distributes the water to the sprinklers.

Oh well, going to test the theory with another pump. Let's hope it will be the case then we can solve this.


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15 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

Oh, it finally happened - a coworker asked 'who's Elvis?'


I worry about this sort of thing all the time.  Teaching college students means each year I am teaching students one year younger than before, relative to my age, so they are a little less likely to recognize the references I make.  If I talk about events 20 years ago, of which I have very distinct memories, I need to remember that some of them were not even born yet.  And my pop culture references are really dated at this point.


15 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

I hope you delivered the explanation along with a beating with your cane. ::P:


This is MY strategy for dealing with the problem, obviously.

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I am already out of spoons for the day. I started off with a limited amount, but it should have been enough for me to make it through most of the day.  

Only 10 minutes into an upgrade appointment this morning, and I'm already out. And we haven't even started the upgrade portion of the appointment - they're trying to figure out how to plug in a serial cable. 

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3 hours ago, TGP said:

Number (2) needs a question mark. 


I just find them and post them.

I don't write them, or do the sort of proofreading and then do [equivalent of] photoshop [Linux system so I use GIMP].

Basically, find, copy, paste, with editorial remarks.


Who has one saved for when the first snow flies.

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I ordered some prints of old photographs for a supernatural horror game I'm going to run (at some point, as soon as I settle on which system to use, and what kind of game it'll be) and got a print of an old Lucky Strikes ad. That had some pin-up drawing on them. Two of the girls, the only ones with their names fully visible, have the same names as my mom and one of her sisters. I now have questions for my deceased grandparents... :blink:

I also ordered a print of a pin-up with my grandfather's plane (other side of my family), which is kind of neat. I didn't realize that she was *ahem* disrobed in the thumbnail. This makes showing it to my dad a little more awkward. :ph34r:

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3 hours ago, kristof65 said:

1 hr 22 minutes in and we/re 3/8ths done. 

maybe there is hope we'll get done in time?

@Pegazus - I'll go to LA for you if you take over the rest of this call? 

Hmm. Maybe. But the Embassy Suites was in per-diem, so went with that and it makes things a bit better. Justification is that the breakfast more than makes up for the higher priced room. I do hope they have the evening happy hour but not sure that’s wide spread.


Still unsure if things will happen. Was told to call one of our VPs to go yell at their VPs if they don’t let me go in. 

I have delusions of being one of the back row chess pieces, but this week has me doubting that. 

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