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Randomness: the 18th sequel


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Blerg. I've had no energy this week at all. And I can't use caffeine like I used to, to reverse it. Getting old is for the birds. Again. I also have too much to do today, but I just want to go to bed for a week or so. :zombie:

As for the earlier conversation about the cakewalk stuff, we had one when I worked at Safeway, ages ago. It was rather dumb and wasn't handled well, as there were numbers on the floor that didn't match the aisles they were in and it caused no end of confusion. It was like musical chairs but... Worse.

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9 hours ago, ejala said:

I have vague childhood memories of cakewalk contest fundraisers in school.  Kinda like musical chairs.  Everyone march in a circle around the cakes, and if you stopped in a space that had one when they cut the music, you won it.  Mom would donate as she worked as a cake decorator from home.  I usually kinda wanted to win hers back.  Then I knew it would taste great. 


1 hour ago, CaptainPete said:

It was like musical chairs but... Worse.


Also have vague childhood memories of cake walks.  Back when flour, sugar, eggs and butter were expensive and extravagant, and making one took hours, they were considered treats for very special occasions.  A cake walk was like a raffle, you hoped that they would call your number. 


There is a grocery store here that does them (or used to) from time to time.  Only they bring out about a dozen cakes and give them away until everyone who wants one is happy. 


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20 minutes ago, Mad Jack said:


 Jack was playing Star Wars: The Old Republic just now...


Jack was bored, so he bought 24 things of "sparkle powder" and glitterbombed everyone within range before quickly logging off the server...



I approve of this behaviour!

You're now a Knight in the Order of WOOF!

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