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Randomness: the 18th sequel


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Kind of a mixed bag for last night's game. The problem guy aka "Richard" started to show his other side last night, which has started to rub some of the other player's wrong. After the game was done he went into a political rant, which really rubbed the remaining players.


At least he did give the news that he leaving the country for a couple of months to get some dental work done. Hmmmmm, nah that comment would be beekeeper territory.


So hopefully when he returns in early December he'll have whatever has been churning in his system out & at least be back in store mode again. 


One player did get hand bite off by a giant spider, so hey at least something fun happened!

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Keep getting tossed random comments at work about the component I am notionally in control of. Then I go to the person who would know if that comment is correct or not, and keep finding that the comment is way off the mark. 

Them: Oh, hey, they have enough parts in stock to build 10 units!


Me: Hey supplier, how many parts do you have?


Supplier: a scattering of various miscellaneous parts


Me: <now confused and concerned>



Guess that’s what my job currently is. Sorting out this mess of tangled information.

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Went into town this afternoon for "stuff".

When we went out the front door one of our local "wild" horses was about 20 feet from the corner of the house munching on something that must have been tasty.

Looked up, saw we were going the other direction towards the truck and went back to eating lunch.  When I started the truck, another look up and back to eating, with a quick eyeball to make sure the truck was going away form horsie.

"Wild" Horses.  Maybe.  Wild but street wise.


Final activity of the day was a lecture at the RR Museum on the Private Railroad Cars of Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg.

The railfans on the list will recognize the names, for everyone else, Lucius Beebe was the scion of "Old Money" Boston Banking Family, a Newspaper Man, Bon Vivant, and not just  reporter on but a member of "The Upper Crust". He was a wonderful wordsmith and a regular columnist for the New York Herald and The New Yorker Magazines, and a syndicated columnist.  "Charlie" Clegg was a wizard with a camera and in the darkroom.  Their prolific publication of the last days of steam and of a way of life connected to travel by rail were best sellers.

As was their term as Owners, Publishers, and Editorial Staff of The Territorial Enterprise, Nevada's first newspaper [where Samuel Clemens became Mark Twain] and during their management the highest circulation Weekly Newspaper West of The Mississippi.

Focus of the lecture was their Private Railroad Cars, both examples of the best in Luxury Rail Travel and two of the best turned out examples ever of "Elegance On Wheels".

Good Lecture with about 40 people in attendance.


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So I've been suffering the more of the same ole car wash drama this week.  Told the service manager to go stuff himself on Wednesday when he wanted me to cover a Canadian call while I was in the process of handling some return material logistics for the huge local teller installation we've been doing. He got mad and asked if I thought that was more important than a location that was down and I told him to take it up with Sales & the company president.  He hasn't spoken to me since, and I never heard a peep from anyone in management. 

My wife just jumped up the seniority chain at her job (school bus driver), because one driver got fired, and another one passed away.  So that means she'll get more hours to cover after school activities - starting tomorrow. Not sure if I am supposed to be happy about that or not.  For this first activity tomorrow, I am looking forward to just spending a day hobbying. 

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