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Randomness: the 18th sequel


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Distributor asked if I could help them discuss and quote new system options for a new site.  The factory salesman had already written them a quote, so I had to ask management permission to take it over, because the distributor didn't want to deal with the salesman.   Am reviewing the salesman's quote , and have realized that a) the salesman wrote his quote for the most expensive options, despite the Distributor explicitly saying they did not want them.   And b) the salesman forgot several required things, such as cable for wiring the system and shipping costs. 

Salesman is going to be pissed when he doesn't get a commission on this system, because it was changed from his name to mine. 

I'm so sad about that. 


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Never fails! Finally got around to shipping off a painted figure to my aunt and brother (the scanned statue I mentioned before). Saw that the mail hadn’t been picked up yet so that works!


In the five minutes it took to print and attach the labels, the mail came. Have to wait until Friday then. 

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