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Randomness: the 18th sequel


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On 1/10/2023 at 4:10 PM, Cranky Dog said:

Something very Canadian happened to me.


It snowed for the last day. Cleared the snow of my car yesterday. Cleared the snow of my car this morning. And while the snow ended at midday, I still had snow over my car this evening.


So after work, I go and start sweeping snow off my car with my coat sleeves. I grumble that my wipers are stuck frozen on my windshield.


As I start to break them free, I pause. "Wait. Didn't lift my wipers this morning to prevent this?"


I take a step back.


"This isn't my car!" It just happened to be a dark grey RAV4 like mine which was parked right next to it. Wipers raised like I left them.


One time we went to a hole-in-the-wall bar for my brother in law's birthday. We took my car, because it was new. I don't drink. We left to get in the car and I walk over to a blue car and exclaim really loudly, "Somebody stole my hubcaps!" As soon as I said that, it registered. "That's not even my car!" I will never live that one down. My sister is always, "Are you sure that's your car and nobody stole the hubcaps?" everytime we go somewhere together. 

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   Jack is covered in carpenter's glue.


  Jack is happy. ::D:





21 minutes ago, TripleH said:




 A Buddhist Monk walks up to a hotdog stand and says, "Make me one with everything."


He hands the hotdog vender three dollars for a $2.50 hotdog, but the vendor doesn't give him any money back.


When the Monk asks for his change back, the vendor replies, "Change, my child, must come from within."





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6 hours ago, Green Eyed Monsty said:

So be warned and be on your guard.

They are now spoofing phone numbers of legitimate financial institutions.

If you get a suspicious call and want to verify it's a scam ask for the persons name then tell them you will call them back.



This is part of why we screen our calls now. If it's a scam they usually don't leave a message. We, also for reasons unknown to me, do not have caller ID where we are at. I need to contact the company we use and gripe at them since we are paying for it apparently.


I have given up notebook transcription for today, I think. I'm almost done with one book, 6(?) more to go after that. I wanted to organize it by year but since I don't have dates for all of them that idea is out of the window.


Also, would it have killed past me to make more concise notes? Calling a mini "Spoilers Redacted" instead of the name and/or SKU does not help. I know /why/ it's called that (I was in the game it was being painted for) but not what it is. I've figured out the other 2 or 3 that only have names of the PCs/NPCs, I think. And on that note writing "leather" instead of a color name does not help. WHICH LEATHER, PAST ME???


Anyway, I've been doing some painting today as well. Made good progress on RCL stuff and a couple other unrelated projects. So, overall, a pretty productive painting day which I haven't had in a while.


Lots of other stuff going on outside the house. Husband is away for...??? He'll be back and forth between here and his parent's house. His mom just had surgery to fix her GERD. She is doing well as far as I have been told. He is coming home tomorrow to help me do a few things and decompress before we head back over there. I am going to help prep some big batches of things for lunches for his dad because he (his dad) is hopeless in the kitchen. So I've got a lot of time on my hands to do...whatever. I need to do some housework but that will wait until my back stops yelling at me.

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5 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

'Eternally grapefruit'....sounds like a curse laid down by a bargain basement witch.


I think that was a 90's band, wasn't it? 



1 hour ago, SparrowMarie said:


This is part of why we screen our calls now. If it's a scam they usually don't leave a message. We, also for reasons unknown to me, do not have caller ID where we are at. I need to contact the company we use and gripe at them since we are paying for it apparently.



I let the phone ring 5 times. It takes me that long to get to it anyway.  The auto dialers will hang up at 5 rings.  If it continues to ring, there's usually a real person on the other end (who wants to buy my house, but that's a different problem). 



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15 hours ago, sumbloke said:

Not sure if I ever shared these here before, but I got some bird photos a couple of years ago. Not a deliberate attempt, just birds we happened to see on our walk near home. I later told a wildlife photographer about seeing a Major Mitchell's Cockatoo and he was surprised since they're not native to this area. My best guess is that someone is keeping it as a pet and letting it fly free on occasion.



Also took a photo of a black swan the same day. Not very noteworthy in Australia - there's one town I know of where the tourist draw is that they have white swans instead of black.




Black swans are at least a novelty to me.  Nice clicks.


14 hours ago, Mad Jack said:

 Those little bastards are my photographic nemeses... 🤬::D:


Back before my camera got trashed, I tried for years to get decent photos of one of them, but every time I got close, they'd fly off or move before I could focus the shot...

I've had similar experiences, this time I got lucky, there was a finch on that fence a few seconds before that I was about to take a picture of and the blackbirds flew up and ran him off.  

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Oooh, yay, the thing I've been trying to sign up for (automated package tracking with CanadaPost) finally let me fully sign up for it.  I've only been trying every two months or so for two years now, and have had it "succeed" (after a trip to my post office) twice... 

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After many years of hearing about @Glitterwolfand stroopwaffles. I had my first one today. My wife is not amused that I ran away with the whole bag. 3 out of 10 gone this morning. I'll try and behave for the next few hours. But meetings are boring and I eat when I'm bored. T__T 


Excuse the mess, I haven't done any painting in a while and was hoping my loose bottles all over the table would stem some reaction. Unfortunately it did and the reaction was, ignore the mess.



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