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I'm working on a Greek Myth army using the a Greek Legends expansion from Bones V. These minotaurs are actually earlier models but all Reaper Bones.


I'm then working on some new rangers for Rangers of Shadow Deep, and I've painted up Derrell, Liara, and some other characters I like the look of.


One step I took, which I'm pleased with, is to not base the human size models on rounds and then use modelling paste to disguise their bases. They've got very nice oval bases and I can make it work in the games I'll be playing with them. 











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I really like the look of Derrell...he actually looks like a book cover. This is a good example of a model that is dark overall, but still uses extreme highlights to provide definition and contrast. 


The minotaurs all have some individuality to them, but present nicely as a group, too. Great job with the other rangers, as well.

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