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So, I'm  pretty bad at WIPs; either I lose interest and the thread just withers away, or I forget to document half the steps.  The latter is what happened in this case.


So, last year st Reapercon,  I was given a box full of broken/misprinted/can't be sold miniatures by one of the vendors. This snake demon lady was in it. She has one broken (and missing) arm. I was debating trying to sculpt her a new arm,  but I decided instead to make her a statue. Turning the piece into an abandoned Jungle shrine is what I eventually  decided to go.



So, here's everything that happened to get to this state: used Gorilla glue to attach  to a wooden base, laid down acrylic modeling paste for the groundwork,  painted and flocked the groundwork,  and then painted the statue.  


Painting the statue consisted of priming it, applying a quick and sloppy coat of dark gray, and then drybrushing it 3 or 4 times with successively lighter colors, ending with white. The next step was to dirty it up which I did ny applying numerous inks and washes to try and make the statue look like it's been exposed to the weather for quite some time. 


Next up is adding the jungle.


See below for pics.

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This is where I am right now. Originally, I had planned to leave the front space open in order to be playable. I'm reconsidering that now. I kind of want to fill in some more of that space in front, but I'm not putting anymore tall stuff in that space, just bushes and tall grass and such. 

Any thoughts?

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Looks good!

If you want it to look a bit more older/overgrown, take a few paperclips bend those so they can be placed on the statue as vines,, roll them in PVA and dip them in flock, then apply them to the statue. Or use some string to do that.

Or just put a little flock here and there on her.

But if you leave her as is she'll make a great statue anyway.

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