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How do you transport you CAVs?


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Go to Wal-Mart or K-Mart and go into the outdooors section. Find the fishing tackle boxes and near them should be some opague or clear plastic boxes divided into compartments. Most, not all, of them are deep enough for Cav's to stand upright in. I pad mine with a little foam hot glued in and carry them carefully. Total expense maybe $15. ::): I have 10-12 of them around here with different mini's in them. They work great for me.


I also never throw away a piece of foam either so I guess you really can't count that in the expense. I keep all of it for the very purpose of padding mini's.



Hope that helps. ::):

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Once upon a time I was a partner in a gaming store, untill tax time and everything hit the fan. I have a couple of Army Transport cases, aquired at a signifant discount.


I have seen many gamers using gun cases to transport the mini. If you cath them on sale they are fairly cost effective. I would personaly look for the pistol cases, the rifle cases are fairly large and will get noticed, if you want it or not.

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we use a bunch of different ways.

  • a plastic tool box with left-over foam in layers
  • a wooden cigar box with egg-crate foam
  • plastic tubs with foam
  • cardboard box with foam
  • Army Transport Case
  • Battle Hive (Crystal Caste)
  • a gun case with special foam trays (holes for the units)
  • a coffee can
  • egg cartons

it depends on how many we want to take somewhere and whose they are.

most of our foam is left over from packaging or from projects.

we did do the plastic fishing/craft box lined with foam thing for a while, but just didn't prefer it.


my favorite, I use it when flying, is my cardboard box. I have a box that the lid is attached and has tabs to hold it shut. I wrap a thin sheet of foam(packing from Reaper Box sets) around the CAV and secure loosely with a rubberband. I lay four to six of these in the box, and add the squares of foam that also come in the box sets(plucked apart). This method has not failed me yet. I usually put this in my suitcase which then goes into the hands of the airlines (and whomever else) and the only breakage was my own fault.(wrapped a rubberband too tight around a pair of arms that were not glued well)


best of luck finding an option that works for you and fits your budget,


cher ^_^

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I use Army Transport tray inserts inside a large Rubbermaid container. It's definitely worth it for those of you like myself with large collections (it would take 3 Army Transports to hold everything). $6/tray, with each tray holding about a dozen CAVs in a 2.5" tray (more tanks/aircraft/infantry in a 1" tray), plus $14 for the container capable of holding trays in a 2x2 arrangement stacked a foot deep.


And it (barely) fits in my Jetta's trunk.

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I also use double pistol cases. I can get them for $8 when they are in season here. They have 3 layers of foam: I cut some squares out of the middle piece to fit the CAVs in. I can store 24 CAVs this way with 1/2" to 1" padding on every side. Very safe storage, dirt cheap price. ^_^

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How much is that single foam insert???

Army Transport Cases in Reaper Online Store.


cher ^_^

Yes indeed.. :) This is "A good thing"


Anyways, they come in different depths.. I *think* I used a 2" tray, but it might a 3" tray. you can get thicker and stand them up on end too, and pull out the little foam pieces to fit them.


That is what I like about the trays is that they come in different thickness (Ie.. the 1" deep are perfect for micro-armor, individual infantry, 15mm troop bases etc), the thicker ones are better for chunkier infantry, bigger tanks. There is a 4" tray that will comfortably fit a landraider.


Plus, they are keen for storage and if you get a transport pack, you can just put the trays you need into the pack.


Definately a good way to go.

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