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Favorite Hobgoblin Miniatures?


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That's a tough one to say.

I have three pet peeves when it comes to hobgoblin minis:

1) too much like samurais (even though everything else suggesting it's still a western fantasy setting)

2) too much plate armor (that should really only be for the elites)

3) too much like orcs



As far as what I have, my favorite is probably this old Hasbro "hobgoblin warrior".


But I could only get the one.



Everything else I have are just things that were cheap enough to amass:

Wizkids D&D Temple Of Elemental Evil hobgoblins:


(see what I mean? Full plate AND samurai)


Dragonstrike board game orcs (not usually cheap but I got my pair for a good deal, and yes I'm aware of the irony of not liking it when hobgoblins look like orcs but then using this orc as a hobgoblin, but he really lacks all the modern expected orc aesthetics so I'm fine with it here):



Heroclix LOTR orc archers:




Everything I have but have not painted also fall into cheap Heroclix... LOTR hunter orcs with two short blades for mooks, and two Hobbit orcs for leader types, along with Heroclix of Marvel's Jackal and Hobgoblin.



I also have the "hobgoblin elites" coming in from the Next Level Miniatures kickstarter but they sadly hit all the same notes as the Wizkids TOEE hobgoblin mini.


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