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Limbo Division 70mm Bunny No. 1 set


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Had to put the other rabbit on hold to try an get this squad done as a Christmas present for one of my Nieces.  Over the last few years I've painted a number of oddball rabbits for her.  This will certainly be my most ambitious project!  Limbo Division typically does Kingdom Death style cheesecake, but for some reason they put this set out earlier this year.  Missed getting it from them but I follow the artist on Instagram and he pointed me to a store in Japan that still had some and I was able to get a set - yay!  Have to say these are impressively clean casts!  No mold seams or pour stubs to clean up and I've only had use a tiny mount of putty on one pieces.  My sister-in-law sent me pictures of my Nieces bunnies so I'll eventually be trying to replicate them in miniature form on these.

  Anyway, spent a couple of days getting the base done, and now I'm working on the BIG bunny. Got the camo on and spent a big chunk of time stippling the straps to try an imply some texture.  Might go back and glaze over with the base color to try and blend it all together.  Got a couple of weeks to go, so hopefully I can get everything finished!Rabbits_01.thumb.jpg.8f97089267a8f44b3fa6546d41a9a535.jpgRabbits_02.thumb.jpg.bdf38531b30c403698e4b0054050ce99.jpg






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Pretty much finished with the head for the BIG bunny.  Attached a picture of the reference "Cinnamon", one of my Niece's bunnies. On the one hand these pictures make me cringe, and on the other I realize how much bigger they are than the actual figure and a lot of what look like flaws here, are indiscernible on the real thing.  Still feel like I want to glaze over the camo to help tie it all together,  but I'm unsure what color I want to use.  Hmmm...







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If anyone was curious about the hazelnuts, the shells are Army Painter "Sand Golem" over a zenithal prime and that's it.  The tops were Pro Acryl (PA) Golden Brown, thinned down, with a lot of thin, directional strokes and highlighted by adding PA Olive Flesh to the mix on the higher areas. The nuts themselves were based in PA Golden Brown , highlighted with PA Olive Flesh, washed with PA Flesh Wash, then re-highlighted with Golden Brown and Olive Flesh.

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