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Dark Sword Dragon-of-the-Month Has Started!!!

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On 11/28/2022 at 4:29 PM, haldir said:

Since I got to see this one or others in person at RCon, I may have to get those + the price isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be either.


Great work, Andy!!! Love the old school vibe to this one.

Andy, these are wonderful work and I loved seeing you compose these on the thread.  If they had been cast in metal or been about 50% less expensive i would have the set but the last dragon i paid $50 for stands 12 inches high.  inflation is one thing but this seems excessive for plastic.  I know they are prone to failed casts and limited reuse of the mould but this is a further good reason to not use the material.  


If they ever release in plastic or metal, I will be first in line, because these are wonderful and I might get still get the white as I really like that sculpt.  


So kudos to you for doing a wonderful job with the sculpt. 


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20 minutes ago, Great Khan Artist said:

I find it funny that Sir Forescale has invaded Dark Sword. He's even in photos that weren't sculpted by TaleSpinner. 


I love these sculpts, and I think the size is just right. 

Jim (owner of DS) loves Sir Forscale and he and Reaper have an amicable relationship, so...  I didn't even own a Sir Forscale; Jim made me get one for my pictures that I take for him, LOL.  So Sir Forscale is becoming an industry standard I guess.

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22 hours ago, gmvader said:

Are they going to offer the drakes as well (these were originally wingless and much smaller if I recall correctly)?


Yes, but just for the 5 chromatic ones (I did not make drake versions of the metallics).  I don't know when that is scheduled for.  I think he might wait until after the dragons are all released to avoid confusion between the drakes and the dragon versions.


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