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The Dark Ten - Westfalia Miniatures


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Another project from Westfalia Miniatures, this time it's to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and is mostly centred around some gender-swapped Lord of the Rings characters (Plus skeleton pirates).




I get their argument that they needed to run an anniversary campaign while it's still their anniversary, but I wish they had cleared their backlog first (Although they only have two unfulfilled projects now).

Nothing really jumps out at me with this one, I do like the face on old lady Gandalf though. 

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Boris' sculpts are among my favorites, for sure. There's something special about them. The hand-sculpted detail at that scale is so wonderful to look at.


I quite like these as well, though I'm the least sure about 'Boromira' (I think she's the busty human, at least?). I appreciate the distinction between the two, but she maybe stands out a bit too much. The rest feels a bit more conservative/realistic, which I really like about them, and makes them useable in a different context as well. It distracts a bit from how good the other figures really are. I love the Frodo, I think Sam's curls have gorgeous texture. The Gibson girl bun on Gimli is great -- and she has sideburns!!! Lego-lass feels more like your standard elf lady, but then again, all of these characters have become archetypes, and I like how she looks practically dressed.


There's a lot of character, same with the undead side of the campaign. Very expressive stuff.

They had a big delay with the Virus & True Monsters campaigns, that's definitely true, but they finally ended up shipping those recently. That sort of timespan seemed like an outlier, though. I had a bit of an issue with one mini swapped out for another, which they quickly responded to and quickly found a way to settle it. All good in my book.

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