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Darakan Chronicles - The New Age


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Hey all...


Sorry to have flaked. I got sick. Got better. Got sicker. Got better. Got sicker and sicker. Then got a little better and here I am. I was fine right through Origins but after that it all went downhill. Hopefully I'll be able to attend GenCon this year with no (more) problems.


See: I've been having problems, on and off, with my kidneys ((and kidney stones --- OUCH!)) for years, and was diagnosed with PKD (polycystic kidney disease) but not until it ALMOST got to the point where I need a new one.


But... I'm back on my feet (sorta), back to work (kinda) and still kickin' (not really).


As for TDC... I realize I've let it go for maybe too long.


At this point, I may need to take more of a hiatus, and may need to just drop it altogether.


Sorry to spring it on you like this, but that's where I'm at. I may be up to it in a couple of weeks or a month, and may not. I'll check back the next couple days, see what you all think, and we can make a decision as a group later.


~ M

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Rest easy Big Mike. Get better and focus on your priorities. Thanks for trying to salvage TDC.


Good luck and good health friend.


* * * * * * * * * *


Well, it is done. This is truly the end.


I'm gonna miss gaming with you all.


See you all else where on the boards.


TDC I bid thee farewell.


SK, laying down the big sword for the last time. Aegis out...

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Hope you're still on the road to recovery, Mike.


Well, sad to see it end, but I think it's been coming for a while. Unfortunately, lately, that's all that's been keeping me coming to the forums for a while, so now I may be even scarcer. Ah well, I'll miss the game with y'all. Too bad we're not all together to play! Would've been fun to mix in some live sessions...now my only outlet for a game is a goner! ::o:


Thanks for all the great posts/creativity/etc. It was fun while it lasted!



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What Stern said...agreed.


Though I got no objection to a new temp if not perm DM, this game has already been mangled by DM changes, PC changes and long long periods of inactivity.


If somebody wants to seriously commit, I"m all for it, but otherwise I'd be inclined to say just let it end.

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