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Noble Warlock, House of the Red Wolf


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On 12/2/2022 at 11:09 AM, Glitterwolf said:

Good job!

I can't wait to read how that will play out!

One of the PCs kept feeding him drinks.  she was attending as a kitchen servant.  
they got along really well  -  the starpact Warlock and the Aberrant Mind Sorcerer.  

None of the PCs got along with his creepy daughter.  (also a cultist warlock)  
they can probably convince him to switch sides - assuming he doesn't turn the aberrant sorcerer PC to his side instead. 


Lord Twiller Vernon  baited the groom into attacking him and brought him down to 6 hp,  mostly with armor of Agathis. & confusion (cast at level 5) 
the PCs and some military officers knocked out the groom before he killed himself. 

Meanwhile the Sorcerer's psychic rat pet was lured out by cultists -  the PCs tracked it down to the cults HQ.  the creepy daughter was hanging out there and was captured by PCs . 

They also found the halfling-sized armchair and still warm coffee of the Cult Leader - an evil halfling.   

but there is no sign of the  psychic rat or the cult leader (end session) 

Dec Game close.jpg


people with C next to them are effected by confusion,  the fight took place on the back patio and garden area of the house -  picture taken before the drow ranger started casting grow spells at the mushroom garden.  


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