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SPACEFUTURE: CP's Ogryn Heavy Trooper as Space Roughneck


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The Protectorate demands mineral resources! We've seen the work their employees do in the asteroid belt before. 


Welcome to Xipetotec, in the Huitzilopochtli system. It sucks here!



A Mole Person could get along here, but humans who get sent here must have gotten in the Protectorate's bad books. Hey, look, it's those two guys again!



Survival on such an awful sphere is hard, so the Company pumps its workers full of Brute Juice. ("Brute Juice: You Know It's Healthy 'Cause It Glows!") Crosswire (50018) is a prime example of what Brute Juice does to a body--he's a burly specimen. But Oleg here makes him look positively puny. 




Oleg is an Ogryn Heavy Trooper from CP's alien line. The mask, armor, and Brute Juice tubes make him fit in perfectly with the other Space Roughnecks. The girder-sized object he totes had a flat end, so I tacked a GW greeble on it to make some sort of futuristic space welder or gauss-field gizmo.



Also gave him a GW Ork knife, which would be a machete in a smaller figure's hands. 




Anyway, for impressionable readers I should mention that Brute Juice is habit-forming, and the Company will deduct it from your paycheck, and no it is not cheap. 




Anyhow, these shock-troops of labor will work like hell until they have got the mining and smelting processes automated.



Once the machinery is set up, it's a few days off-planet R&R and then on to the next site. The pension for this kind of labor is very generous indeed--it's not like most of the workers will collect.


But perhaps that's spoilers for another post! 

The Ore Orb is a 'moon ball' bouncy toy with a touch of paint. The apparatus in the last picture is a partly-finished GW Ferratonic Furnace; more of that to come.

Remember, cadets! Brute Juice--Not Even Once! 



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Thanks, all! Taking elements from different sources and blending them into an apparently-cohesive whole is most of my schtick. It's like making sausage, but with smarter people's ideas. 
I'm glad y'all like the extruded product!  It's made from quality ingredients.

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Great job with another batch of miniature sausage 🙂


I'm loving the caution stripes...very clean work. Great job with the Brute Juice glow effect, too. The fact that the juice in his arms is showing through the skin...that can't be healthy.

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Thank you! 

On 1/12/2023 at 2:33 PM, Grand Slam said:

The fact that the juice in his arms is showing through the skin...that can't be healthy.

That's how you know it's working! (but yes, it absolutely is unhealthy.)

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