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All Of Them VVitches: CP Night Horror as Worm Cultist


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The setting for All Of Them VVitches is just full of cults. We've seen the masked and horned cult of the PIPER IN THE WOODS and the slimy-tentacled cult of the HUNGER IN THE GULF. There are regular Margaret Murray style witches and plague doctor sects. 

One of the rarer cults is that of HIS MAJESTY THE WORM. It's not really a social sort of cult.




And the transformations visited upon its votaries are...abject. The lucky ones find themselves hosts for a writhing mass of HIS MAJESTY's subjects (03023, Worm Corpse, posted long ago but retouched here).



Of these Ibn Schacabao has written plenty and no more need be said. 






But there is another manifestation of HIS MAJESTY's favor, and this is not wholesome to look upon. Too bad! You're about to look upon it!



Ligotti wrote of transmogrifications like this. DSCN1010.thumb.JPG.0cb564f4f38e05250ceb7381ec37c66b.JPG


Perhaps the transformed cultists meet and communicate together, but if so, it is deep under the earth, and silently. 



Notice the strategic placement of tombstones: while it would be an insult to medicine and humanity to call this model 'anatomically complete,' it certainly will not pass decency standards uncensored. As above, so below. as it were. 




This horrible model is also from CP Miniatures, again their Night Terrors line. This one is listed as a Night Horror and certainly that checks out. 


I think I've alluded to the indie RPG "Deep Morphean Transmissions" before. The Night Horror above would be a perfect model for the Burrowing Vorm, a transdimensional gestalt entity of leech-faced creeps. I need to find some more like this, but perhaps with pants. 



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Thanks, everybody! This seems to have touched a disturbing nerve, correctly so. It is a Wrong Thing! And I'm glad the paint job helps convey that.

On 12/8/2022 at 8:19 PM, AlonTey said:

Nailed the color transition on the transformed cultist!  Also thanks for providing a source for these guys, never heard of CP Models before.

A fairly small business, in the UK if memory serves, but they have quite the selection of Stuff You Won't Find Elsewhere.  It was their weird bird aliens that drew me in and then I went DOWN A RABBIT HOLE of esoteric and outre sculpts. 

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Well...this is all incredibly gross. This is the kind of cultish nonsense that drives property values WAY down. No one wants to look out their back window and see this.


That night horror mini is incredible. As Alon said, the transitions are so smooth. The pinkish tone at the top makes it all extra disturbing. The little yellow boils are also a great touch.


That's a really cool color scheme on the worm corpse. Somehow, the light-colored robe complements the worms perfectly and helps to show them off. 


I'm digging the little grublings, too. Just the right amount of shine to make them nasty! 😉


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On 1/13/2023 at 10:52 PM, Grand Slam said:

Well...this is all incredibly gross. This is the kind of cultish nonsense that drives property values WAY down. No one wants to look out their back window and see this.

😄 Double-check the bylaws in your HOA! (and now you bring it up, this would be a great X-files-ish monster of the week in a modern setting.)

Glad you enjoy the little bloat maggots! I think they were from Midlam, along with a nice set of beetle grubs. 

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