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Fear not saint -- I have no doubt the explosion was little more than a plot twist.  Lionel is scheming muchly.


And if "Jor-El" Isn't really general Zod reaching out from the Phantom Zone I will be sorely disappointed.

I was thinking it was Brainiac :blink:


And thank you for yer kind words about Chloe :wub:

No way in heck is Jor-El Brainiac. The Voice coming from the rocks is Terence Stamp. Now your homework is to run to IMDB and check the cast list for Superman II. . .

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This Is The Season Premiere



LOIS LANE HITS SMALLVILLE, CLARK FLIES AND MARGOT KIDDER GUEST STARS -- Clark (Tom Welling) returns to Smallville re-programmed as Kal-El. Intent on fulfilling his destiny, Kal-El takes to the skies to steal a powerful kryptonite crystal. Determined to save her son, Martha (Annette O'Toole) turns to Dr. Swann's emissary, Bridgette Crosby (Margot Kidder, "Superman"), and learns about a surprising new form of kryptonite. Meanwhile, Lois Lane (Erica Durance) comes to town to investigate the murder of her cousin Chloe (Allison Mack). Also, Lana (Kristin Kreuk) returns from Paris with a new attitude and a new boyfriend (Jensen Ackles, "Dark Angel"), Jonathan (John Schneider) lies in a coma, and Lionel (John Glover) faces a grim new life in prison. Michael Rosenbaum and Annette O'Toole also star. Greg Beeman directed the episode written by Al Gough & Miles Millar (#401).



CLARK AND LOIS INVESTIGATE CHLOE'S MURDER -- Clark (Tom Welling) and Lois Lane (Erica Durance) investigate Chloe's (Allison Mack) apparent murder, but are stopped by an army officer, General Sam Lane (guest star Michael Ironside), who turns out to be Lois' father. Lois suspects that Sam knows more about Chloe's death than he will admit, and Clark discovers that Sam has recently been in contact with Lex (Michael Rosembaum). Jason (Jensen Ackles) arrives from Paris and convinces Lana (Kristin Kreuk) to continue their relationship. Suspecting that Chloe is still alive, Lionel (John Glover) sends an assassin with the power to morph his limbs into metallic weapons to keep Chloe from testifying against him. John Schneider and Annette O'Toole also star. James Marshall directed the episode written by Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders (#402).

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Printed with permission

KryptonSite Interview With Smallville Executive Producer Alfred Gough

Sept. 10, 2004 - Interview conducted by Craig Byrne


The name Alfred Gough should be quite familiar to fans of Smallville and those who visit the website. Gough is the Executive Producer and creator, with Miles Millar, of Smallville, which is soon to enter its fourth season.


We have been fortunate enough to have a chance to interview Mr. Gough to promote the new season, which premieres on Wednesday, September 22nd, on the WB. Be warned, of course, that we may be entering spoiler territory...


KRYPTONSITE: Now that Pete has left the series, is there any chance that someone new may learn the secret, so Clark has a new confidant?


AL GOUGH: Potentially. Not at the moment. At the moment we have Lois Lane, and then we've also introduced Jason Teague, Lana's new boyfriend who is played by Jensen Ackles. Those two characters are keeping us very busy and really helping to reinvigorate the show and the storylines with some new dynamics and new triangles.


K-SITE: With Lois coming on, what is the plan for Chloe to keep her unique?


GOUGH: I think what you'll see - Well, you know what, we don't know if she's alive, so I won't answer that question. (We remind Al that Allison/Chloe is seen alive and well in the WB Insider special. He laughs.)


K-SITE: If the Flash episode ("Run") is a success, is there any chance there could be a spin-off series?


GOUGH: That's completely up to the network. It certainly wasn't done with that in mind, but the episode looks terrific, and we plan to bring the Flash back later this season.


K-SITE: Was bringing Lois Lane on to the show always part of the plan?


GOUGH: Yes. The question was always with the movie division of whether or not we could do that. We initially wanted to bring her on for a full 22 episodes, and they said, well, you can have her for 13. Which was fine, so we worked out an arc for Lois for the season. But the plan was to introduce Lois into the series at some point. And we'd really talked about it last year, and really couldn't make it work, again, with getting all the components of Time-Warner that need to sign off on these things to sign off, and so we really kept plugging away at it, especially during the hiatus. Then the feature division graciously said yes, and so we were able to introduce Lois this season. Which at that point, I think we needed to introduce a new character into Clark's life, and it's interesting since this is the woman he will ultimately end up with, who at this point, when he meets her, doesn't like her at all. So it's great because it gives you a completely fresh dynamic to have this character who Clark doesn't really like, and she doesn't really like Clark. Everybody else on the show pretty much likes Clark, so there's this one person out there who doesn't, who will call him on things, and it's an interesting side of Clark to see, and I think it really plays into Tom Welling's romantic comedy chops. And he's good. And they're really good together.


K-SITE: At what point did you realize that the Clark and Lana relationship was not working anymore?


GOUGH: I would say about halfway through last season, and the initial attempt was to introduce the Ian Somerhalder character, Adam Knight, and once we saw them together, we were like, well, you're not really going to buy this as a romance, and so we sort of turned the story to make it a little darker, which was a turn we were always going to do in this arc of episodes, but we ended up doing it a little earlier than we planned. I think what we wanted to do this year with Lana was give her an entirely new relationship that wasn't Whitney, that wasn't Clark, that was sort of a grown-up, realized, full relationship. With a normal person, not a Krypto-freak or anything like that. And I think Jensen is doing a fantastic job, and I think they have a real chemistry and a rapport that again, is totally different from Clark and Lana. You know, the Lois-Clark relationship and the Jason-Lana relationship are completely different relationships than Clark and Lana have had before.


K-SITE: Will Clark and Lana work on rebuilding their friendship this season?


GOUGH: That's obviously a key thing for them to do, and also, we will see that Lana is tied into the bigger mythology of the season. So, whether or not they're romantically involved, Clark and Lana are always sort of inextricably linked.


K-SITE: Are there any plans for DC Comics characters beyond Mxyzptlk?


GOUGH: We're going to see Perry White later on in the season, once Michael McKean's schedule clears up. He's doing a play in New York. Again, these are always the things we have to get permission from 15 different divisions of this company to introduce these characters, so we're always open to it, and there may be a couple more down the line. We'd love to see Jimmy Olsen as well.


K-SITE: Why was Bart Allen the Flash chosen to appear on Smallville?


GOUGH: The short answer is, that's what DC Comics approved. But we make reference to the other aliases that the Flash has had.


K-SITE: Are there any plans to bring back Pete at some point this season?


GOUGH: If schedule allows and we come up with a story where Pete will be in more than one scene, yes. We would love to bring Sam back, because I think he could bring an interesting story in the door.


K-SITE: Is it true that there is more of an attempt at fun and humor in the show this year?


GOUGH: Definitely. Yes. I think last year, as good as I think the season was, I think it just got very dark and a little too adult. Lionel became a huge presence in the show, which is fantastic 'cause John's a terrific actor and Lionel's a fantastic character, but we got a little too sci-fi and it kind of lost the core idea of Clark Kent before he's Superman in high school dealing with his issues, and this year we try to get back to that. Clark joins the football team, because he now believes he can control his powers, and quite frankly he's looking for potential scholarship money for college, because the Kent Farm's been decimated more times than a Florida city in September. So I think it'll be fun. And also again, playing more with the Superman mythology. Introducing Lois Lane. Introducing the Flash. Mxyzptlk. And bringing back Perry White. And I think you'll see the big storyline arc for the season plays much more with Superman mythology than science fiction ideas that we have brought to the show.


K-SITE: Will General Lane be an ongoing presence this season?


GOUGH: He will be around. I wouldn't say he's an ongoing presence; he will be around and guest star when needed.


K-SITE: Can you tease anything else that we might see on the show this year?


GOUGH: I think you will see at some point, a very different Lionel Luthor coming out of prison. You will see Lex get darker. You will see what the tattoo on Lana's back means, and how does she tie to the greater mythology. You will see Clark really struggling, dealing with Lana with another guy. You will see Lex struggling, seeing Lana with another guy. That's another dynamic that was sort of hinted at that you'll start to see as the season progresses.

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i saw both allison mack/chloe (she is an absolute CUTIE-physically and personality wise) and the new lios lane (all i can say is va va va vooooom...) at comic con this year, and the producers who were in attendance, and chloe herself, intimated that she was dead and would stay that way, but who knows-we shall have to wait and see.

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who would you cast in the main roles of a movie?


Bizarro:Billy Bob Thornton

Brainiac:Ben Kingsley

Darkseid:Will Smith

Doomsday:Brock Lesnar

Jor-el:Josh Hartnett

Jonathan Kent(young):Matt Damon

Martha Kent(young):Julia Stiles

The Kents(old):John Travolta & Julianne Moore

Lois Lane:Keira Knightley

Lana Lang:Katie Holmes

Lara:Milla Jovovich

Lobo:Clive Owen

Lex Luthor:Vin Diesel

Lionel Luthor:Michael Caine

Mxyzptlk:Verne Troyer

Jimmy Olsen:Seth Green

Pete Ross:Jude Law

Supergirl:Hillary Duff

Superman/Clark Joseph Kent/Kal-el:Joaquin Phoenix

Perry White:Alec Baldwin

General Zod:Christopher Walken

Directed by:Kevin Smith & Sam Raimi

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Pretty interesting there for suggestions... and not to kill it, but if Joaquim ended up with the part of Clark/Supes, I wouldn't be seeing the movie... :blink:


But the Season Premiere is Wednesday night... guess I'm going to have to get the VCR warmed up for that and the Season Premiere of CSI for my wife. ::D:

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The WB has released a new image promoting Margot Kidder's upcoming Smallville guest shot with a photo featuring Margot in her new upcoming Smallville role alongside Annette O'Toole as Martha Kent!

Cameos in which well-known faces take new roles confuse me, and this sounds like another such. My favorite example was the appearance of whatzisname, the Millennium sidekick, as the bomb tech at the beginning of the X-Files movie. Since those series had crossed over a couple of times, the sidekick's bit part was hugely distracting--kept me waiting for Frank Black.

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Release Date: Summer 2006

Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

Director: Bryan Singer

Screenwriter: Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris

Starring: Not available

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

MPAA Rating: Not Available

Official Website: Not Available

DVD/VHS: Not Available

Movie Poster: Not Available

Plot Summary: The sole survivor of the doomed planet Krypton... Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap buildings in a single bound... Look up in the sky, It's a bird, It's a plane... It's Superman! By all accounts the first "superhero" - Superman has become the cloth by which all other heroes are cut from. Superman was created in 1938 by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster.


Fantastic Four


Release Date: July 1, 2005

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Director: Tim Story

Screenwriter: Simon Kinberg

Starring: Michael Chiklis, Iaon Gruffudd, Chris Evans, Jessica Alba, Julian McMahon, Maria Menounos, Kerry Washington, Hamish Linklater

Genre: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

MPAA Rating: Not Available

Official Website: Fantastic-Four.com

DVD/VHS: Not Available

Movie Poster: Not Available

Plot Summary: Based on the Marvel comics, "Fantastic Four" follows four astronauts who, during an experimental space mission that went awry, are genetically and physically altered after being exposed to cosmic radiation. Reed Richards gains the ability to stretch and contort his body; Sue Storm is able to become invisible and create force fields; Johnny Storm can light himself on fire and fly; Ben Grimm becomes a rock-like being with super human strenght. Together they use their powers to fight the evil plans of their nemesis, Victor Von Doom.


X-Men 3


Release Date: May 5, 2006

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Director: Not available

Screenwriter: Not available

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Shawn Ashmore, Daniel Cudmore, Alan Cumming, Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Sir Ian McKellen, Anna Paquin, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

MPAA Rating: Not Available

Official Website: Not Available

DVD/VHS: Not Available

Movie Poster: Buy Various at AllPosters.com

Plot Summary: Will we see Dr. Jean Grey as Dark Phoenix? Perhaps even Gambit and/or Beast? Stay tuned.


Spider-Man 3


Release Date: May 4, 2007

Studio: Columbia Pictures

Director: Sam Raimi

Screenwriter: Not available

Starring: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Rosemary Harris, J.K. Simmons, Daniel Gillies, Ted Raimi

Genre: Action, Adventure

MPAA Rating: Not Available

Official Website: SonyPictures.com

DVD/VHS: Not Available

Movie Poster: Buy Various at AllPosters.com

Plot Summary: A third adventure with Tobey Maguire again playing Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Kirsten Dunst playing Mary Jane Watson and Sam Raimi in the director's chair.


Ghost Rider


Release Date: Summer 2006

Studio: Columbia Pictures

Director: Mark Steven Johnson

Screenwriter: Mark Steven Johnson, Shane Salerno

Starring: Nicolas Cage

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

MPAA Rating: Not Available

Official Website: Not available

DVD/VHS: Not Available

Movie Poster: Not Available

Plot Summary: Johnny Blaze has a dark secret - he is the Ghost Rider - who can grab you and force you to re-live tenfold all the sins you have perpetuated in your life… if there are too many sins, you'll burn up and incinerate. The Ghost Rider is unstoppable as he dishes out a hellish justice on his Hell-Cycle. Originally created in 1972 by Gary Friedrich & Mike Ploog for Marvel Comics.


Batman Begins


Release Date: June 17, 2005

Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

Director: Christopher Nolan

Screenwriter: David Goyer, Christopher Nolan

Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Ken Watanabe, Katie Holmes, Cillian Murphy, Tom Wilkinson, Rutger Hauer

Genre: Action, Crime

MPAA Rating: Not Available

Official Website: BatmanBegins.WarnerBros.com

DVD/VHS: Not Available

Movie Poster: Not Available

Plot Summary: Explores the origins of the Batman legend and the Dark Knight's emergence as a force for good in Gotham. Christian Bale stars as Bruce Wayne/Batman; Michael Caine as his trusted butler Alfred; Gary Oldman as Lieutenant James Gordon, a detective on the Gotham police force; Katie Holmes as a childhood friend of Wayne's; Liam Neeson as Wayne's mentor, Henri Ducard; Ken Watanabe as the villainous Ra's Al Ghul; and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, a former board member and sidelined employee of Wayne Enterprises.

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