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Lady Tam

chainmail minis

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Found a whole slew of Chainmail gnolls, ogres, orcs and a few others At my LGS. And a few of the small box sets. Following is a list of what I found for those interested.


8 of the gnoll with Abyssal Ravenger box sets

1 darkspawn set (gnoll warrior, howler and tiefling)

(?) Drazen horde (Hobgoblin, goblin and Ogre trooper)



undividual/small sets


2 - Gimlocks (2 in box)

2- Hammers

5 - war apes

2 - Human marine and Glaiver

1 - battered Skeleton

2 - orc druids

1 - orc trooper

1 - centaur

1 - orc champion

1 - owlbear

5 - gnoll troopers

7 - dwarf scorcher and shock trooper (2 in box)

6 - Zombie Trogdolytes (2 in box)

1 - Abyssal Ravenger

1- demonic gnoll adept

1 - human female paladin

2 - stone spikes

1 - abyssal maw

2 -orgre troopers

1 - ogre delver

1 - gnoll warrior (Uber cool guy with three headed barbed whip)


PM me if anyone was looking for these guys.


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